Award-winning, Innovative PIG Funnel Lends You a Helping Hand

The PIG® One-Hand Open-Head Funnel is the latest PIG® Product to earn a Plant Engineering Gold Award. (Click here for a complete list of our award-winning products.) Plant Engineering Magazine hosts an annual contest for new and innovative facility maintenance and related products. Finalists are selected by a panel of judges, and readers are then invited to vote for the items that they feel are the best in their respective categories.

The PIG® One-Hand Open-Head Funnel was created to help customers more easily transfer both solid and liquid wastes into disposal containers while complying with EPA's closed container and subpart CC emission regulations.

EPA's closed container regulation requires containers of hazardous waste to be kept closed except when wastes are being added or removed from the container. Subpart CC regulations for level one containers are similar, but add the specification that the container can have "no visible holes, gaps, or other open spaces" when it is closed [40 CFR 264.1086(c)(1)(ii)].

Full compliance with these regulations means that drums that are left open or that are not completely closed are fines waiting to happen. However, even with both hands free, unbolting a drum ring or unscrewing a bung cap every time you want to access a drum is inconvenient and time consuming at best.

The one-hand latching feature allows you to quickly and easily open and close the container with one hand while still holding the waste that is to be collected with the other hand. It saves time and effort because you won't have to fumble with bulky tools; undo multiple latches; or handle small, dirty plastic funnels every time waste is being collected. It is also lockable and available with a black, red or yellow lid to help with waste segregation efforts.

Because many inspectors interpret regulations very broadly, they sometimes require waste containers to remain closed even if it they are tipped over or dropped from a height. The One-Hand Open-Head Funnel is crafted of heavy gauge steel with a continuous lid seal to help comply with even the toughest closure and emissions requirements.

In addition to aiding in compliance, the large openings help with good housekeeping efforts by providing a large, stable opening that won't tip or collapse when liquids are poured in. Screens are also available to provide a surface for draining oil filters or small parts.

To help prevent overflows and allow for venting, the funnel is fitted with 2" and ¾" bung openings that accept most standard fill gauges and drum vents.

This product is the latest addition to our series of funnels that can help you comply with waste collection regulations in a simpler, faster and cleaner manner.