Customer Favorites: Dikes & Drain Covers

When you need to contain and control liquids without absorbing them, we have a full line of products to help you do just that.

PLR204 SPILLBLOCKER® Dike - 10' dike

Customer Favorites: Latching Drum Lids & Drum Funnels

PIG® Latching Drum Lids and Burpless® Drum Funnels keep your drum storage areas clean and safe while they help you comply with closed container regs!

DRM1072 - Latching Drum Lid with Fast-Latch Ring

Customer Favorites: Containment Bags & Valve Wraps

Keep nuisance leaks under control in transit and in even the most remote of locations with our revolutionary containment bags and absorbent wraps. Helps you comply with SPCC and Stormwater Regulations.

PAK280 - PIG™ Drum Containment Bag

Customer Favorites: Walk on Mats

These tough walk-on mats can stand up to foot traffic while
keeping your walkways dry and safe.


Customer Favorites: Drun Funnels

Get all slurp and no burp with PIG® Burpless® Funnels—they let you pour quickly with no messy splashback. And for easy access with no drum collar hassles, you can't beat our Open-Head Drum Funnels.

Outdoor Nuisance Leak Solutions

Customer Favorites: Outdoor Nuisance Leak Solutions

Outdoor nuisance leaks can happen anywhere. That's why we have a wide selection of products that let you control them on-site and at the source.

Outdoor Nuisance Leak Solutions

Customer Favorites: PIG® Mat Inventions

We offer the most versatile, innovative, absorbent mats on the market to
help you soak up every kind of liquid—anywhere they leak, drip or spill!

PIG BLUE® Absorbent Mat

Customer Favorites: PIG® Containment Inventions

We build our containment products to take whatever you dish out while they keep liquids off your floor, out of walkways and away from your drains.

PIG® Heavy-Duty Poly Spill Containment Pallet