Vacation and Other Paid Time Off

All full-time Piggers are eligible for paid vacation time that increases over time with New Pig service. We also offer pre-tax purchase of additional days through our Flexible Vacation Plan.

Other paid time off includes 7 1/2 paid holidays, a personal day and 4 sick days. Sick days may be carried over from year to year to accumulate up to 80 hours.

Health Insurance

We offer affordable and comprehensive medical, dental and vision insurance coverage for Piggers and dependents. These programs provide affordable co-pays and deductibles, as well as excellent coverage for preventive exams.

Other Insurance

We also provide company-paid life, short-term disability, and long-term disability insurances. Buy up options are available at a nominal cost.

Profit Sharing and 401(k) Plan

At New Pig, each and every Pigger has a stake in the success of the company! Each year, if the company has attained its annual profit goal, a share of the profits is allocated to the New Pig Corporation Profit Sharing 401(k) Plan.

Both our Profit Sharing and voluntary 401(k) programs have a variety of fund options so that employees can develop their own investment strategy.

Other New Pig Benefits

  • EAP (Employee Assistance Program) offers no-cost confidential counseling, assessment and referral on personal life issues, as well as financial and legal consultation; easily accessible through a toll-free 24 hour number or through web-based informational tools and resources
  • Voluntary Wellness Program with web-based resources, onsite and offsite classes, and special activities
  • Education Assistance Program that covers 60% of tuition for courses taken toward a degree
  • Onsite Gym, including company-paid gym training
  • Discount on computer purchases
  • On-site dry cleaning/laundry pick-up and delivery
  • Annual flu vaccines
  • Uniforms, safety glasses, and safety shoes are provided for specific job groups

Our Core Values are simple and clear, rarely preached, and continually practiced:

  • We satisfy our customers far beyond their expectation
  • We trust and believe in the power of committed, enthusiastic employees
  • We actively build and preserve a corporation and identity that is clean, fun-loving, honest and of high quality
  • We pursue excellence through high standards, continuous improvement and breakthrough innovation
  • We must have profits and growth to fulfill our Core Values

At New Pig, we have one clear, unalterable focus: we want to delight our customers with high-quality, innovative products that help them keep their workplaces clean and safe. That focus has helped create a positive and productive work environment, so at New Pig, we know that putting the customer first and committing to our Core Values will lead to your success at New Pig and New Pig's continuing success.

New Pig Corporation is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Employment and Benefits

New Pig offers competitive wages and benefits as well as a great work environment. For an outline of New Pig's benefits package, click here. For current career opportunities, click here.

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