What is the best product to buy based on compatibility ratings? Check out New Pigs Chemical Compatibility Guides to see how your chemical is rated with our top selling products.

Welcome to New Pig's Chemical Compatibility Listing, where you'll find charts and information to help you determine which New Pig products are compatible with the materials you use. More Chemical Compatibility links can be found in the "Technical Information" tab on individual product pages.

PIG Hazardous Chemical Absorbents PIG Universal Absorbent Mats

Anti-Fatigue Mats
Andersen Nitrile Mats Apache Mills Anti-fatigue Mats
Crown Mats NoTrax® Floor Matting
Turtle Plastics Modular Tiles Wearwell® Floor Matting

Fiberglass Barrier Systems Chemtainer® Products
PIG Collapse-A-Tainer with XR-5® LDPE Products
PIG® Pop-Up Pools Containment Bladder Bags
Poly Plus Containment Tap Trapper® Basin
PIG® Soft-Sided Berms Electric Pump Kit

Leak and Spill
PIG SpillBlocker Dikes, DrainBlocker Drain Covers and other Blockers PIG® Build-A-Berm® Barrier and PIG® Collapse-A-Tainer® Lite
PIG Drive-Over DrainBlocker Drain Cover FlexBerm Containment Pads
HDPE Products Justrite Storage Cans
PIG® Patch Plug-N-Seal® Patching Paste
Poly Coated Burpless® Funnel PIG® Repair Putty

PPE Gloves
PIP Inc Ambidex™ Gloves Ammex Gloves
Best® Black Knight® PVC Gloves North Butyl® Gloves
Best® Butyl II® Gloves PIG® Chem Guard Absorbents
Best® ChemMaster™ Gloves High Five™ Gloves
Best® Hustler™ PVC Nitrile Gloves Best® Heavyweight Neoprene Gloves
KleenGuard® G80 Purple Nitrile® Gloves Microflex Chloroprene Glove
Microflex Nitrile and Latex Best® N-Dex® Gloves
Best® N-Dex® Plus Gloves Best® N-Dex® Free Gloves
Best® Nitri-Solve® Gloves North® Nitrile Gloves
Kimberly-Clark® Safeskin® Nitrile Gloves North® Silvershield®/4H® Products
Stansolv®AF-15 Nitrile Gloves TOPCHEM® 345 PVA Gloves
Best® Ultraflex™ II Neoprene® Gloves Westchester Gloves

PPE Suits
Kappler® Chem Tape™ LaCrosse Rainfair Safety Products™ Chem-Tech® 1
Tychem BR® Suits Tychem® TK Suits
Zytron® Suits  

PPE Boots
Onguard Industries Hazmax® Boots Tingley® Hazproof
Tingley® Neoprene Boots  

EZI-Action Pumps FTI Pumps
GoatThroat™ EPDM Seals GoatThroat™ Nitrile Seals
GoatThroat™ Viton Seals Sandpiper® Pumps
Chemical Leak Diverters  

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