Introducing four new ways to create a safer O.R. Introducing four new ways to create a safer O.R.

Slippery when wet: blankets can be hazardous, letting liquids leak all over the operating room floor, costing you time, money and safety.

Super absorbency for operating room fluid management: PIG Grippy Surgical Absorbent Mat helps keep floors safe and dry during wet procedures.

See how the revolutionary Grippy backing stays put no matter what. It hugs the operating room floor without sliding or bunching for a safer, drier operating room.

PIG® Grippy Surgical Absorbent Mat

31" x 40"

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PIG Grippy Surgical Absorbent Mats and Related Products for O.R.

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    Always start with Grippy Mat

    PIG Grippy Surgical
    Absorbent Mat

    Our specially formulated Grippy adhesive backing holds securely to the floor, but peels up easily. Eight layers of super absorbent material absorb up to 10 times their own weight in liquids without leaking back onto the floor. Perforated to use the exact amount you need. Highly effective operating room fluid management and control. Patent pending.

    31" x 100'

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    Add absorbency during procedure

    PIG Surgical Absorbent Mat

    Add super absorbency to soak up extra fluids during procedures with the mat that's more effective than blankets. Convenient, easy and essential for operating rooms. Perforated to use the exact amount you need.

    30" x 150'

    1 ROLL

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    Use for extra-wet procedures

    PIG Surgical Floor Skimmer

    Use powerful, high-capacity suction for fluid control in extra-wet procedures. Unique, low profile cloverleaf design is easy to reposition around the operating table. Quickly removes up to 60 liters/hour. Patent pending.

$99 Dispenser available for HC101 and HC103.
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