Dual Clip Glove Grabber

Don't lose another pair of gloves! Glove Grabbers fasten onto clothing or gear while securely gripping any pair of work gloves.

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  • For Bandanas, Gloves, Hats and Wipers
  • 6 each
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Item# GLV131

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GLV131 - Dual Clip Glove Grabber
  • GLV131
  • Dual Clip Glove Grabber
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  • Grabbers with interlocking teeth open wide for a secure grip on gloves
  • Two-sided grabber lets you attach gloves to belt loops, jackets, safety vests and D-rings
  • Breakaway design helps prevent injury if gloves are caught in equipment
  • Nonconductive plastic is safe for use around electricity
  • Can also grip hats, bandanas, wipers or anything else you need to keep at your side

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Use With:

Bandanas, Gloves, Hats and Wipers

Sold as:

6 per bag


0.338 lbs.





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