PIG® HazMat Spill Kit in Bucket

Just grab and go for fast response to chemical spills up to 5 gallons. Plus, the container is UN Rated for shipping waste!

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  • Absorbs up to 5 gal.
  • No Wheels
  • UN1H2/Y30/S
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Item# 64CRSC

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64CRSC - PIG® HazMat Spill Kit in Bucket
  • 64CRSC
  • PIG® HazMat Spill Kit in Bucket
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  • Polyethylene bucket with easy-open, screw-on lid can be used to ship or temporarily store used absorbents
  • PIG HazMat Socks stop spreading spills; PIG HazMat Pads absorb quickly
  • PIG HazMat Absorbents are specially treated for unsurpassed performance with concentrated corrosives, such as 98% sulfuric acid and 30% sodium hydroxide
  • Prepacked container provides easy access to contents
  • Large, color-coded label makes identification fast and accurate
  • Temporary disposal bags with ties help make cleanup easier
  • Tamperproof seals help prevent pilfering of spill response supplies
  • UN Rating 1H2/Y30/S for Packing Groups II and III
  • Use as refill for wall-mount holder (sold separately)
  • Wall mounting and sign options maximize visibility.
  • Only PIG Spill Kits feature PIG Absorbents proven for rapid response
  • For information on custom spill kits, just call 1-800-HOT-HOGS (468-4647)

Additional Information


29 CFR 1910.120(j)(1)(vii) - OSHA's HAZWOPER standard requires spill responders to have, "DOT specified salvage drums or containers and suitable quantities of proper absorbents," in areas where spills may occur.

40 CFR 263.30(a) - In the event of a spill, transporters must, "take appropriate immediate action to protect human health and the environment."

40 CFR 263.31 - Transporters, "must clean up any hazardous waste discharge that occurs during transportation…so that the hazardous waste discharge no longer presents a hazard to human health or the environment."

49 CFR 173.3(c)(1) - If a container of hazardous waste is damaged or leaking, it can be placed in a compatible salvage drum that meets UN criteria for shipping.

  • HAZ-MAT Notice
    To ensure effectiveness and your safety, we recommend that you conduct compatibility and absorption testing of your chemicals with PIG® HAZ-MAT products prior to purchase. If you have any questions or need samples to test, please call Technical Services.




Fluids Absorbed:

Acids, Bases & Unknowns


Up to 5 gal.

Spill Volume:

1 - 9 gal.

Lift-out Basket:


Outdoor Storage:


UN Rated:


UV Resistant:




Sold as:

1 each


11 lbs.

National Stock Number (NSN):


# per Pallet:



Socks, Mats - 100% Polypropylene;
Bucket - Polyethylene


1 - ext. dia. 3" x 46" L PIG® HazMat Chemical Absorbent Sock (124CR)

1 - ext. dia. 3" x 10' L PIG® HazMat Chemical Absorbent Sock (PIG301)

4 - 15" W x 20" L PIG® HazMat Mat Pad (MAT310)

6 - 2" W x 6" L Tamperproof Seal Label (LBL100)

2 - 18" W x 30" H Polyethylene Disposal Bags (BAG201-S)



Pigalog® Page Number:

Page 101

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