PIG® Absorbent Wringer

Reclaim up to 90% of liquids from your PIG Absorbents and minimize the waste stream at your facility.

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Item# RNG202

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RNG202 - PIG® Absorbent Wringer
  • RNG202
  • PIG® Absorbent Wringer
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  • Polyurethane "gripper" rollers feature channels to direct liquids away from absorbents and into a collection drum
  • 12"-wide throat adjusts to accommodate a wide variety of PIG Absorbents: PIG Super Absorbent Socks, PIG Super Pillows, Mats, Booms and Re-Uz-It Pads
  • Mounts on standard open- or tight-head 55-gallon drum (not included)
  • Geared for easy hand cranking

Additional Information

  • Treatment Notice
    Wringing or compacting waste may be considered "treatment" by RCRA regulations. You may require a permit to use this product. Please consult with your state EPA waste management office prior to use.




Use With:

PIG® SUPER Absorbent Socks, PIG® SUPER Pillows, PIG® Mat, Booms and Re-Uz-it® pads




21" W x 21" L x 24" H

Sold as:

1 each


99 lbs.

National Stock Number (NSN):



Frame & Tray - 1/8" Hot-Rolled Steel (3.1 mm)
Rollers - 3 1/2" Dia. x 12" Polyurethane Rollers(9 cm x 31 cm)


1 - Wringer (RNG202-01)

1 - Tray (RNG202-02)



Pigalog® Page Number:

Page 36

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