Glove Selection Guide

Glove Selection Guide

New Pig offers a wide variety of gloves to protect your hands in any type of work. To make your purchasing decision easier, just answer a few questions and we'll suggest the best glove for your application.

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Based on your answers, you should try:

  • The Original® Gloves

    Protect your hands from cuts and scrapes with gloves designed with you in mind. Form-fitting Gloves offer all-around protection, durability and flexibility for mechanics.

  • Mechanix Wear® Welder's Gloves

    Protect your hands during welding with durable, heat-resistant Mechanix Wear® Welder's Gloves.

  • FastFit® Gloves

    The professional mechanics' choice: Mechanix Wear® Gloves for the ultimate in hand protection, comfort and style!

  • Mechanix Wear® Heavy-Duty Gloves

    Mechanix Wear® Heavy-Duty Gloves meet the rugged demands of mechanics and other professional tradesmen. High-quality materials protect against impact and abrasion for all-day comfort and safety.

  • The Original® Plus Gloves

    Get all-around, non-slip hand protection from The Original® Plus Gloves.

  • The Original® 0.5 Gloves

    The Original® 0.5 Glove protects like the original, with a slimmer fit.

  • M-Pact® Gloves

    When you want the ultimate in hand protection and style, reach for M-Pact® Gloves!

  • Mechanix Wear® Original Women's Gloves

    Get the quality of Mechanix Wear® Gloves in women's sizes and colors!

Need more help?

This Selection Guide recommends some of our most versatile products, but it does not include our complete offering.

If what you're looking for is not featured in this Guide, please call 1-855-493-HOGS(493-4647), or email us at for additional help.

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