PIG Absorbents work as hard as you do - that's why they're #1 Worldwide!

  • The widest selection of absorbent products in the world for any liquid, any job and any facility
  • PIG Mat lasts 2X longer than ordinary mats so it requires fewer change-outs, and that saves you money.
  • When you only need to absorb oil, save money with our selection of PIG Oil-Only mats.


PIG Universal Absorbent Mats PIG Universal Absorbent Mats

You won't find a larger selection anywhere to soak up leaks, drips and spills! PIG Mat controls liquids to help you maintain a clean, safe workplace.

PIG Universal Absorbent Socks PIG Universal Absorbent Socks

Get more suck per buck to stop leaks and spills from spreading! Our tough, economical absorbents have been on the job since 1985.

PIG Universal Absorbent Pillows, Pans & More PIG Universal Absorbent Pillows, Pans & More

Big spills and persistent leaks can saturate a mat in seconds. Pillows and pans soak up liquid by the gallon to stay on the job longer.

PIG Oil Absorbent Mats PIG Oil Absorbent Mats

When you need to absorb oil-based liquids but not a drop of water, you need a PIG Oil-Only Mat. Loves oil. Hates water. Saves money.

PIG Oil Absorbent Socks & Booms PIG Oil Absorbent Socks & Booms

Repel water and shrug off UV rays to stop spills from spreading outdoors. Built for long-term deployment on land, in tanks or open waters.

PIG Oil Absorbent Pillows, Pans & More PIG Oil Absorbent Pillows, Pans & More

Keep oil out of your sumps, tanks, holding ponds and more with these water-repellent absorbents; from high-capacity pillows to specially sized skimmers.

PIG Loose Absorbents PIG Loose Absorbents

Some messes clean up better with loose - but you NEVER have to resort to clay. Our proprietary blends are cleaner, safer and much more efficient.

PIG Hazardous Chemical Absorbents & Neutralizers PIG Hazardous Chemical Absorbents & Neutralizers

PIG HazMat Absorbents handle highly concentrated corrosives better than any other absorbent on the market.

PIG Special Application Absorbents PIG Special Application Absorbents

These unique PIG Absorbents are made for special applications like surgical operating room floors, leaking specialty fittings, valves and more.

Absorbent Product Accessories Absorbent Product Accessories

Make it easier and more convenient to use your PIG Absorbents with these dispensers, cutters, wringers and other accessories.

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