PIG Super Absorbent Pillow

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PIG® Super Absorbent Pillow (PIL205)

Even if you don't plan on wringing them out, these pillows are super tough to take more abuse in long-term applications.

Reclaim absorbed liquids from our wringable, extra-tough Super Pillows.

  • Durable, stitch-bonded skin won't burst when you wring out absorbed liquids
  • Large surface area, high capacity and fast-wicking cellulose are perfect for oily puddles and large spills
  • Compact design is great for catching equipment leaks and persistent drips
PIG Super Absorbent Pillow

PIG Super Absorbent Pillow (1)

PIG® Super Absorbent Pillow PIG® Super Absorbent Pillow


  • 8" x 20" x 1.5"
  • Absorbs up to 1 gal. per pillow
  • 14 pillows
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