PIG Epoxy Putty, Patch & Repair

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See how 4,500 PIG Products can help! See how 4,500 PIG Products can help!

Our complete offering fights leaks and spills in every corner of your facility.

Top-quality resins bond better and stay stronger so repairs last. Fix it fast!

  • PIG Epoxy Putty features unbeatable strength in six job-specific formulations
  • PIG Puncture Repair kits help you quickly stop drum leaks to allow overpacking or liquid transfer
  • Everything you buy from New Pig is backed by our risk-free, 100% Money-Back Guarantee
PIG Epoxy Putty, Patch & Repair

PIG Epoxy Putty, Patch & Repair

PIG Multi-Purpose Epoxy Putty PIG Multi-Purpose Epoxy Putty (3)

Top quality resins bond better and stay stronger so repairs last - we guarantee it! Fix it fast and fix it right with PIG Epoxy Putty.

PIG Specialty Epoxy Putty PIG Specialty Epoxy Putty (7)

Special PIG Epoxy Putty formulations cover nearly any application. Guaranteed to work or your money back.

PIG Plug-N-Seal Patching Paste PIG Plug-N-Seal Patching Paste (3)

Even in cold temperatures, our ready-to-use paste instantly stops leaks for up to 2 hours.

PIG Puncture Repair Kit PIG Puncture Repair Kit (1)

Basic kit is filled with tools for quick repair of large or small holes in drums, fuel tanks and other containers.

PIG Drum Patch Kit PIG Drum Patch Kit (1)

Well-stocked kit patches drum holes up to 5" x 9".

PIG Responder Kit PIG Responder Kit (2)

Bag for first responders contains a variety of supplies for plugging drum holes up to 2.5".

PIG Belly Patch PIG Belly Patch (1)

Ratcheting strap with urethane patch quickly squeezes leaks to stop the flow.

PIG Pipe Wrap Repair Kit PIG Pipe Wrap Repair Kit (8)

Fast, easy way to permanently fix broken, corroded or leaking pipes to beyond their original strength.

PIG Pipe Reinforcement Kit PIG Pipe Reinforcement Kit (1)

Quickly and permanently reinforce weak, thin or corroding pipes without downtime.

PIG Deluxe Pipe Patch Kit PIG Deluxe Pipe Patch Kit (1)

Stainless steel clamps and tight-sealing neoprene liners quickly stop pressurized pipe leaks.

Wrap 'N Cure Wrap 'N Cure (2)

Quickly, easily and permanently encase deteriorating pipe insulation.

Rapid Seal Flat Roof Leak Repair Rapid Seal Flat Roof Leak Repair (1)

Emergency flat roof repair compound is flowable to stop roof leaks until you can make permanent repairs.

Peel & Seal Roof Patch Roll Peel & Seal Roof Patch Roll (1)

Quick, permanent weatherproof repairs for gutters, joints and low-slope roofs.


Military-grade tape fuses to permanently seal out air or water, even up to 400 degrees F.

E/Fusing Silicone Insulating Tape E/Fusing Silicone Insulating Tape (3)

Wrap easy-to-use, self-bonding tape around exposed components for up to 30 kV of phase-to-ground insulation.

Aluminum Patching Tape Aluminum Patching Tape (1)

Triple-layer tape resists chemicals and holds tight for temporary repairs to transformers and other equipment.

High Temp Weld High Temp Weld (1)

Resists temperatures up to 2400 degrees F to patch exhaust leaks.

BestBond Epoxy Crack Repair Compound BestBond Epoxy Crack Repair Compound (1)

This high-strength epoxy repairs cracks in high-traffic areas requiring rapid hardening time.

BestBond Epoxy Expansion Joint Sealant BestBond Epoxy Expansion Joint Sealant (1)

Shrink-free epoxy formulated with the flexibility to fill expansion joints and cracks.

BestBond Epoxy Anchoring Compound BestBond Epoxy Anchoring Compound (1)

Anchor pipes, bolts, threaded rods and rebar in concrete, stone and masonry with this high-strength epoxy.

Sili-Thane 803 Sealant Sili-Thane 803 Sealant (2)

Hybrid silicone/ polyurethane sealant offers superior flexibility and adhesion.

Industrial-Strength Vinyl Cement Industrial-Strength Vinyl Cement (1)

Super-strong, flexible vinyl cement creates a liquid-proof seal for PIG Build-A-Berm sections.

Abocrete Structural Patching and Resurfacing Cement Abocrete Structural Patching and Resurfacing Cement (2)

All-in-one epoxy kit makes concrete surfaces like new and ultra-hard.

Concrete Patch Kit Concrete Patch Kit (2)

Small-batch epoxy patch lets you handle smaller repairs without waste.

FAST-ROCK Concrete Floor Patch FAST-ROCK Concrete Floor Patch (1)

Fast-setting patch is traffic-ready in two hours and allows any depth repair.

ARCTIC-CRETE Freezer Floor Patch ARCTIC-CRETE Freezer Floor Patch (1)

Epoxy floor patch sets in two hours, even in freezers as cold as -20 degrees F.

POX-A-CRETE Heavy-Duty Epoxy Resurfacer POX-A-CRETE Heavy-Duty Epoxy Resurfacer (1)

Tough epoxy with non-slip surface withstands heavy wheel traffic and constant impact.

ZIPCRETE Self-Leveling Epoxy Resurfacer ZIPCRETE Self-Leveling Epoxy Resurfacer (1)

Self-leveling epoxy floor patch provides a smooth, attractive finish.

Acoustical Tile Restorer Acoustical Tile Restorer (1)

Restore stained or discolored ceiling tiles to like-new condition.

GridMAX Ceiling Grid Covers GridMAX Ceiling Grid Covers (4)

Quick, low-cost alternative to replacing or painting stained ceiling grid.

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