PIG Specialty Epoxy Putty

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  • 3.5" (1)
  • 7" (6)

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See how 4,500 PIG Products can help! See how 4,500 PIG Products can help!

Our complete offering fights leaks and spills in every corner of your facility.

Can't Decide? Try this.

PIG® Epoxy Putty for Wet Surfaces (PTY259)

"Works great in the rain. When you’re having a bad day and it starts raining, this will help" - Happy New Pig Customer

Job-specific epoxy formulations handle your toughest applications. Guaranteed.

  • Our six PIG Epoxy Putty formulas: Steel, Copper, Plastic, Aluminum, Wood and Wet Surface
  • Each specific formula is thoroughly tested for the application and features the highest-quality epoxy resins
  • Convenient, premeasured epoxy putty has Parts A and B in one tube ready for kneading
PIG Specialty Epoxy Putty

PIG Specialty Epoxy Putty (7)

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