Flashlights & Other Lighting

Our wide range of top-quality lights won't leave you in the dark.

  • Customer-favorite Multi Ops light has UV LED function to make oil drips glow bright purple!
  • Use the FM Approved Super SabreLite Flashlight in hazardous environments
  • The Stinger DS LED Rechargeable Flashlight from Streamlight offers top-of-the-line quality
Flashlights & Other Lighting

Flashlights & Other Lighting

Motion Activated Headlight Motion Activated Headlight (1)

A simple wave of the hand can turn this headlight on or off. No need to remove your work gloves to flip a tiny switch.

Waypoint Lantern Waypoint Lantern (1)

Powerful, portable spotlight can shine a long-range beam or provide hands-free area lighting using built-in stand.

Multi Ops LED Oil-Detection Task Light Multi Ops LED Oil-Detection Task Light (1)

This customer-favorite light has UV LED function to make even the smallest oil drips glow bright purple!

Stinger DS LED Rechargeable Flashlight Stinger DS LED Rechargeable Flashlight (1)

Top-of-the-line quality and performance make this versatile, rechargeable LED light perfect for use in the most demanding environments.

Stylus LED Penlight Stylus LED Penlight (1)

Slim light is the size of a pen, but provides up to 60 hours of illumination.

Super SabreLite Flashlight Super SabreLite Flashlight (1)

This FM Approved flashlight with xenon bulb is water-tight and ready for service.

Twin-Task Laser Combo Twin-Task Laser Combo (1)

Versatile combo light lets you switch instantly between a five-LED beam, laser pointer and xenon floodlight with laser.

Industrial Flashlight Industrial Flashlight (1)

Don't overspend on features you'll never use - this flashlight is a solid, reliable choice for general tasks around your facility.

Knucklehead Work Light Knucklehead Work Light (1)

Articulating head and powerful magnet add versatility to this tough work light.

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