Anti-Slip Tapes, Non-Slip Mats & Cable Protectors

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Non-Skid Step Tape

Tough, epoxy-reinforced tape keeps your steps safe, even in wet or oily conditions.

Coatings, protectors and other anti-slip products to help prevent falls.

  • Non-slip tapes and coverings increase safety at stair treads, ramps and ladder rungs
  • Get mats with grit, but never grit your teeth - 100% of our products are guaranteed 100% of the time
  • Cable Protectors drop into place to quickly protect cords and avoid tripping.
Anti-Slip Tapes, Non-Slip Mats & Cable Protectors

Anti-Slip Tapes, Non-Slip Mats & Cable Protectors

Foil-Backed Traction Tape Foil-Backed Traction Tape (2)

Highly-conformable tape adds heavy-duty traction to curved, uneven or textured surfaces.

Non-Skid Step Tape Non-Skid Step Tape (3)

Durable epoxy-coated grit helps create safe footing anywhere.

Non-Skid Step Tread Non-Skid Step Tread (2)

Precut, epoxy-coated grit treads are easy to apply to stairs or ramps.

Traction Hog II Slip-Resistant Mat Traction Hog II Slip-Resistant Mat (2)

Low-profile mat with silicon carbide grit helps maximize traction in wet or oily areas.

Vynagrip(TM) Slip-Resistant Mat Vynagrip(TM) Slip-Resistant Mat (5)

Open-grid design provides superior drainage and deep texture to provide traction in areas that are always wet.

Deck Grate Deck Grate (2)

Ideal for use as raised flooring because leaks and drips pass right through.

Ultra-Sidewinder Cable Protector Ultra-Sidewinder Cable Protector (1)

Ultra-Sidewinder Cable Protection System with individual articulating segments stays flat while protecting cords and cables.


Low-profile channel protects electrical cords that run across carpet.

Cable Protection System Cable Protection System (3)

Cable cover helps prevent tripping and withstands heavy forklift loads.

FASTLANE Drop Over Cable Protector FASTLANE Drop Over Cable Protector (2)

Drop this economical protector over cables and cords for quick protection that helps prevent tripping.

Vehicular Grade Non-Slip Coating Vehicular Grade Non-Slip Coating (2)

Heavy-duty anti-slip protection made to resist vehicle traffic.

GUARD DOG Low-Profile Cable Protector GUARD DOG Low-Profile Cable Protector (3)

Low-profile design protects cables and cords from traffic without creating a trip hazard.

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