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Drum & Container Identification Labels

Easy-to-use labels help you meet container labeling regulations and avoid costly fines or shipping errors.

Exit signs, drum labels and hundreds more ways to provide safety info.

  • Suit your use and budget with a wide range of signs in aluminum, plastic or vinyl
  • Drum identification labels help show the status and contents to prevent mixing accidents
  • It’s a sign of confidence. The PIG Promise guarantees 100% of our products, 100% of the time
Signs, Labels & Pipe Markers

Signs, Labels & Pipe Markers

GHS Sign GHS Sign (1)

Brightly colored projection signage is easy to see from any angle so workers can quickly locate SDS documents.

Admittance & Exit Signs Admittance & Exit Signs (24)

Clearly mark areas, entries and exits with durable, easy-to-read signs.

Solvent-Contaminated Wipes Label Solvent-Contaminated Wipes Label (1)

Attach this label to a drum of solvent-contaminated wipes to help qualify for hazwaste reg exemptions.

Battery Area Signs Battery Area Signs (3)

Help protect workers with safety signage created specifically for the hazards of your battery charging areas.

Two-Sided Battery Area Floor Signs Two-Sided Battery Area Floor Signs (1)

When a wall sign isn't enough, draw instant attention to your battery charging areas with these floor-standing safety signs.

Chemical & Hazardous Materials Signs Chemical & Hazardous Materials Signs (23)

Point out hazards to help prevent accidents and injuries.

Confined & Dangerous Area Signs Confined & Dangerous Area Signs (16)

Don't take chances when you warn workers of confined spaces or potentially dangerous areas at your facility.

Drum Handling Signs Drum Handling Signs (6)

Clearly mark drum areas and drum safety procedures.

Electrical Hazard Signs Electrical Hazard Signs (15)

Alert workers to electrical voltage, panel clearances and arc flash hazards.

Equipment & Machinery Signs Equipment & Machinery Signs (11)

Remind employees of equipment dangers, swings, pinch points and LOTO procedures.

Fuel, Gas & Flammable Material Signs Fuel, Gas & Flammable Material Signs (22)

Advise your employees of areas with fuels and other flammable materials using this bold, easy-to-read signage.

Housekeeping & Traffic Control Signs Housekeeping & Traffic Control Signs (11)

Remind workers to keep areas clean or watch for dangerous traffic.

Personal Protection & First Aid Signs Personal Protection & First Aid Signs (30)

High-visibility signs reinforce PPE requirements and first aid kit locations.

Safety Reminder & Policy Signs Safety Reminder & Policy Signs (14)

Display gentle reminders on safety and company policies to help keep your facility running smoothly.

Slip & Fall Hazard Signs Slip & Fall Hazard Signs (6)

Warn workers of slip and fall hazards to help avoid unnecessary injuries.

Smoking & Fire Extinguisher Signs Smoking & Fire Extinguisher Signs (21)

Remind workers of fire and smoking regulations to help keep your facility safe and prepared.

Spill Response & Spill Kit Signs Spill Response & Spill Kit Signs (8)

Clearly mark the location of spill kits and spill response equipment to help make responding faster and easier.

Two-Sided Spill Station Signs Two-Sided Spill Station Signs (4)

3D wall signs make emergency spill kits easy to find from any angle. Faster to find means faster to respond.

Glow-In-The-Dark Signs Glow-In-The-Dark Signs (3)

Glow-in-the-dark signs help safely direct traffic during power failures.

Hazardous Material Signals Kit Hazardous Material Signals Kit (4)

Highly-visible kits identify chemical and material hazards from up to 300 feet away.

Chemical Drums Labels Chemical Drums Labels (2)

Vinyl labels clearly identify chemical drums.

Chemicals & Hazardous Materials Labels Chemicals & Hazardous Materials Labels (13)

Vinyl labels help you clearly identify flammable and hazardous materials.

Confined Space Labels Confined Space Labels (4)

Warn workers of confined spaces and restricted access.

Drum & Container Identification Labels Drum & Container Identification Labels (30)

Label drums with appropriate contents to avoid dangerous or costly errors.

Electrical & Equipment Labels Electrical & Equipment Labels (12)

Vinyl labels alert workers to electrical and equipment hazards.

Hazardous Material Shipping Roll Labels Hazardous Material Shipping Roll Labels (2)

Labels help you clearly identify hazardous shipping containers.

Hazardous Waste Shipping Labels Hazardous Waste Shipping Labels (9)

Label drums of hazardous waste for smooth, compliant storage and shipping.

Non-Hazardous Waste Shipping Labels Non-Hazardous Waste Shipping Labels (8)

Drum labels help prevent cross-contamination of stored materials.

Housekeeping & Traffic Control Labels Housekeeping & Traffic Control Labels (7)

Vinyl labels provide reminders of housekeeping and traffic practices.

Personal Protection Labels Personal Protection Labels (9)

Vinyl labels provide reminders of PPE requirements.

Smoking & Fire Extinguisher Labels Smoking & Fire Extinguisher Labels (5)

Clearly mark no smoking areas and fire equipment with these durable vinyl labels.

GHS Labels GHS Labels (9)

Identify the specific hazards of your chemicals with these GHS pictogram labels. Choose from two sizes.

GHS Poster GHS Poster (1)

Put GHS label and pictogram guidelines on display with this colorful laminated poster.

GHS Wallet Card GHS Wallet Card (1)

Handy wallet card serves as a visual reminder of GHS label and pictogram requirements.

Write-On Chemical Identifier Roll Labels Write-On Chemical Identifier Roll Labels (2)

Use these NFPA and HMCIS labels to clearly identify small containers.

UDO LP 400 Series Sign & Label Machine UDO LP 400 Series Sign & Label Machine (5)

Generate custom signs, labels and tags with this versatile, unlimited-license printer.

Tamperproof Seal Labels Tamperproof Seal Labels (1)

Secure spill kits and other containers with tamper-evident seals.

Write-On Status Tags Write-On Status Tags (2)

Give info on production, maintenance and inventory.

Write-On Status Labels Write-On Status Labels (12)

Identify status and action dates on equipment or inventory.

Write-On Parts Tags Write-On Parts Tags (3)

Add your own information to clearly mark the status of parts or repairs with these bold write-on tags.

Stormwater Drain Markers Stormwater Drain Markers (1)

Help prevent accidental dumping of contaminants into storm drains.

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