PIG Collapsible Spill Containment

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PIG Collapse-A-Tainer Spill Containment Berm

No matter where you're working, our versatile system sets up in minutes to create a liquid-proof barrier. Indoors or out, large or small - give us a squeal!

The widest selection anywhere for Collapsible Containment solutions.

  • Our patented designs and broad selection offer products with capacities from 5 to 17,000 gallons
  • Don't see exactly what you need? Call 1-855-493-HOGS (493-4647) and we'll customize to your specs!
  • Top-selling PIG Collapse-A-Tainer Systems offer drive-in containment that sets up in minutes
PIG Collapsible Spill Containment

PIG Collapsible Spill Containment

PIG Collapse-A-Tainer Spill Containment Berm PIG Collapse-A-Tainer Spill Containment Berm (9)

Create affordable drive-in containment anywhere you need it in just a few minutes.

PIG Collapse-A-Tainer Fail-Safe Spill Containment Berm PIG Collapse-A-Tainer Fail-Safe Spill Containment Berm (3)

Containment system provides constant drive-in capability without having to manually fold sidewalls up or down.

PIG Custom Collapse-A-Tainer Containment System PIG Custom Collapse-A-Tainer Containment System (3)

Need a Collapse-A-Tainer System but can't find a size that works? Tell us what you want and we'll customize just for you.

PIG FlexBerm Spill Containment Pad PIG FlexBerm Spill Containment Pad (5)

Roll right over the soft sidewalls of our FlexBerm for easy washdowns or temporary leak containment.

PIG Portable Spill Containment Pool PIG Portable Spill Containment Pool (12)

Store our Portable Containment Pool in your vehicle to be prepared for spill emergencies on the road.

PIG Collapse-A-Tainer Lite PIG Collapse-A-Tainer Lite (3)

Light-weight, collapsible containment is easy to handle for small jobs like core storage, washdowns and decon.

PIG Soft Side Spill Berm PIG Soft Side Spill Berm (6)

Don't waste money on hard pallets if you don't need to meet regs. Our Soft Side Berm catches leaks and drips, and you don't need a ramp to load drums!

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