PIG Spill Trays & Containment Shelves

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Contain oily parts and leaky containers to keep the mess off your floor.

  • Check out our PIG Utility Trays to prevent liquid messes from taking over your work areas!
  • Exclusive heavy-duty PIG Containment Shelving has built-in 5-gallon sumps to contain leaks and drips
  • Our innovative Drain 'N Contain Workbench catches liquids while you clean or repair parts
PIG Spill Trays & Containment Shelves

PIG Spill Trays & Containment Shelves

PIG Utility Spill Containment Tray PIG Utility Spill Containment Tray (5)

Durable, one-piece utility trays contain liquid messes from oily parts and leaky containers.

PIG Poly Plus Utility Spill Containment Tray PIG Poly Plus Utility Spill Containment Tray (2)

Poly Plus Utility Trays are fluorinated for extra resistance to harsh chemicals that can degrade regular polyethylene.

Poly Utility Tray Poly Utility Tray (6)

Flat-bottom poly trays are the economical way to store small parts. Great for lining your benches and shelving.

Fiberglass Tray Fiberglass Tray (6)

Catch drips and control messes with these smooth, seamless fiberglass trays. Chemical-resistant trays are easy to clean.

PIG Spill Containment Tray PIG Spill Containment Tray (2)

If containers leak, drip or crack, make sure our Spill Containment Tray with built-in sump is in position to catch the liquid.

Steel Spill Tray Steel Spill Tray (5)

Leak-tested steel spill tray catches leaks and drips of flammable liquids to help keep floors safe.

PIG Under-Rack Containment Tray PIG Under-Rack Containment Tray (4)

Low-profile containment tray fits underneath your pallet racking to catch leaks and drips before they hit your floor.

PIG Pallet Containment Tray PIG Pallet Containment Tray (1)

Catch leaks and drips from palletized drums and containers to keep the floor below dry and safe.

PIG DripCatcher Containment Tray PIG DripCatcher Containment Tray (2)

Flexible, low-profile drip tray fits easily underneath machinery, equipment and other tight spaces. Holds PIG Mat Pads to absorb leaks and drips.

PIG Utility Pan PIG Utility Pan (1)

Light-weight, economical Utility Pans serve dozens of purposes throughout your workplace.

PIG Utility Spill Basin PIG Utility Spill Basin (1)

High sidewalls and heavy-duty grate make our spill basin a great choice for cleaning and degreasing applications.

PIG Utility Tray with Grate PIG Utility Tray with Grate (2)

Store batteries, grimy cores waiting for rebuild, leaky containers and more on this heavy-duty Utility Tray.

PIG Collapsible Utility Tray PIG Collapsible Utility Tray (3)

Collapsible leak and drip tray folds for compact storage but deploys instantly.

PIG Drum Spill Tray with Grate PIG Drum Spill Tray with Grate (2)

Catch messy drips and leaks from 55-gallon drums to keep your floors dry and safe. Provides 6 gallons of secondary containment.

PIG Drain 'N Contain Workbench PIG Drain 'N Contain Workbench (1)

Capture grimy messes from degreasing, repairs and rebuilds in built-in sump to keep your workspace clean!

Caged Containment Shelving Caged Containment Shelving (2)

This containment shelving doesn't just catch leaks and drips. It's padlockable to keep out unauthorized personnel, too.

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