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Polyethylene Drum Faucet

Durable for general-use dispensing but economical enough to discard after one use with fast-hardening resins or adhesives.

Grab a gauge, faucet, alarm, tool or part for easier work with drums.

  • Use grounding and bonding assemblies to prevent sparks around flammables drums
  • Choose faucets in steel, poly and other materials to help you safely, easily dispense nearly any liquid
  • Reach for tools designed for drum tasks ranging from spark-free deheading to precise bung torquing
Drum Accessories

Drum Accessories

Polyethylene Drum Faucet Polyethylene Drum Faucet (2)

Economical, chemical-resistant faucet is great for disposable use with resins, adhesives or other liquids.

Stainless Steel Safety Drum Faucet Stainless Steel Safety Drum Faucet (1)

316 stainless body with PTFE gaskets is compatible with chemicals and flammables.

Brass Safety Drum Faucet Brass Safety Drum Faucet (2)

Faucet's flame arrestor prevents ignition when dispensing flammables.

PIG Drain-It-All Drum Siphon PIG Drain-It-All Drum Siphon (1)

Innovative drum siphon helps cut hassle and waste by draining a drum down to the last few ounces.

Brass Gate Valve Brass Gate Valve (1)

Valve for thick fluids will easily dispense liquids heavier than SAE 30.

Safety Drum Vent Safety Drum Vent (2)

FM Approved vent relieves dangerous pressure in vertical or horizontal drums.

Non-Metallic Drum Vent Non-Metallic Drum Vent (4)

Dual-purpose vent relieves pressure and vacuum for easy-flow dispensing.

Economy Barrel Gauge Economy Barrel Gauge (2)

Economical, general-purpose drum gauge is easy to read, even in low light.

Stainless Steel Barrel Gauge Stainless Steel Barrel Gauge (5)

Gauge is built to last with chemical- and solvent-resistant stainless steel design.

Brass Pop-Up Gauge Brass Pop-Up Gauge (1)

Prevent overfill mess and downtime with a tough gauge that won't leak, even if the drum tips.

Pop-Up Drum Fill Gauge Pop-Up Drum Fill Gauge (2)

Economical, chemical-resistant gauge signals when drum is nearly full.

Barrel Gauge Alarm Barrel Gauge Alarm (1)

Fits most gauges and sounds alarm for leaks as well as high, low and overfill drum levels.

Horizontal Drum Gauge Horizontal Drum Gauge (2)

Designed to show you exactly how much liquid is left in your drum.

Retract-a-Clamp Grounding Assembly Retract-a-Clamp Grounding Assembly (6)

Wire creates safe grounding connection while staying coiled to avoid creating a tripping hazard.

Grounding Clamp Assembly Grounding Clamp Assembly (5)

Provides NFPA- and FM-compliant grounding for storage and transfer of flammables.

Bonding/Grounding Wires Bonding/Grounding Wires (7)

Economical wires provide secure grounding for storage and transfer of flammables.

Retractable Grounding Wire Reel Retractable Grounding Wire Reel (2)

Self-retracting, locking reel provides grounding flexibility for high-use areas.

Non-Sparking Drum Plug Wrench Non-Sparking Drum Plug Wrench (1)

Wrench protects your knuckles during safe opening of flammables drums.

Universal Drum Plug Wrench Universal Drum Plug Wrench (1)

Economical, zinc-plated, cast iron plug wrench is built to last.

Deluxe Drum Plug Wrench Deluxe Drum Plug Wrench (2)

Straight-handled, all-in-one design opens common bungs, rings or faucets.

Multi-Purpose Drum Plug Wrench Multi-Purpose Drum Plug Wrench (2)

Everywhere you use drums, keep this tool handy to open any bung, faucet or ring.

PIG Drum Plug Torque Socket PIG Drum Plug Torque Socket (1)

Socket fits any 3/8" torque wrench to help you close bungs to proper specs.

Drum Torque Wrench Drum Torque Wrench (1)

This wrench + our Plug Torque Socket = every bung tightened to spec.

PIG Drum Ring Spider PIG Drum Ring Spider (1)

Spider grabs and squeezes lid rings to make installation quick and easy.

Non-Sparking Tool Kit Non-Sparking Tool Kit (3)

Preassembled kits include the most common non-sparking tools for work around flammables.

Drum Deheader Drum Deheader (2)

Deheader helps prevent injury by flattening sharp edges as it cuts.

Non-Sparking Drum Deheader Non-Sparking Drum Deheader (2)

Non-sparking construction is ideal for deheading drums used for flammable liquids.

The Wedge The Wedge (1)

Durable wedge helps you pump every last ounce out of your drums.

Heater for 55-Gallon Drum Heater for 55-Gallon Drum (2)

Thermostat-controlled heater warms thick liquids for easier handling.

Coliwasa Sampler Coliwasa Sampler (2)

The easy way to gather samples from liquids and semi-solids in drums.

PIG Marking Stiks PIG Marking Stiks (1)

Clearly label wet or dry drums with real paint in stick form. Works on metal, wood, plastic and more.

Drum Replacement Parts Drum Replacement Parts (10)

Replacement parts to help you extend a drum's life and cut replacement costs.

Reconditioned-Drum Sealing Gasket Reconditioned-Drum Sealing Gasket (1)

Contour-fitting gasket creates an airtight seal, even on a dented drum.

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