Drum Trucks, Dollies & Racks

Choices range from basic dollies to non-sparking 4-wheel drum trucks.

  • Choose a dolly for any size container, from a 5-gallon pail to a 95-gallon overpack
  • For safe handling, choose drum trucks in a wide range of designs, materials and wheel options
  • Drum racks stack to save valuable floor space; add a spigot for easy dispensing
Drum Trucks, Dollies & Racks

Drum Trucks, Dollies & Racks

PIG Mobile Dispensing Dolly PIG Mobile Dispensing Dolly (4)

Do-it-all unit transports 55-gallon drums, tilts for dispensing and provides secondary containment in a closed sump.

PIG Spill Cart PIG Spill Cart (1)

Provides up to 57 gallons of mobile hazardous waste containment with primary and secondary sumps that are easy to empty and clean.

PIG Mobile Spill Tray PIG Mobile Spill Tray (3)

Simple answer for drum storage and transport holds up to 500 lb. and includes 11-gallon sump ready to catch leaks.

Steel Spill Control Cart Steel Spill Control Cart (1)

Ideal for transporting containers or collecting liquid waste from workstations - all with the protection of a 33-gallon containment sump.

PIG Single Drum Container Dolly PIG Single Drum Container Dolly (1)

This companion to the PIG Single Drum Container makes it easy to move a leaking 55-gallon drum without a forklift.

Multi-Purpose Quad Dolly Multi-Purpose Quad Dolly (2)

Unique multi-level design securely holds and moves 5-gallon buckets, LP tanks and 30- or 55-gallon drums.

PIG Adjustable Drum Dolly PIG Adjustable Drum Dolly (1)

Adjustable-diameter drum dolly quickly expands for a precise fit on drums or overpacks up to 26 1/2" diameter and 800 lb.

PIG Drum Sock Dolly PIG Drum Sock Dolly (1)

Design accommodates PIG Absorbent Sock to help capture leaks during its smooth-rolling transport of drums up to 800 lb.

PIG Overpack Dolly PIG Overpack Dolly (1)

Wide-base design helps ensure stability during transport of overpacks or rapid response with your PIG Overpack Spill Kit.

Multi-Purpose Drum Truck Multi-Purpose Drum Truck (1)

Just add a spigot to this truck/cradle combination, and you'll have an all-in-one mobile dispensing rig for 55-gallon steel drums.

Drum Cradle Drum Cradle (1)

Economical drum cradle is designed to let one person easily stow a fully-loaded 55-gallon drum up to 600 lb.

Poly Drum Draining Truck Poly Drum Draining Truck (1)

With the right spigot and this combination dolly/cradle for poly drums, you've got a full mobile dispensing rig.

Aluminum Drum Truck Aluminum Drum Truck (2)

Extra-stable, light-weight, non-sparking design is ideal for use with drums of flammable liquids.

Aluminum Drum Truck With Pneumatic Tires Aluminum Drum Truck With Pneumatic Tires (2)

12" pneumatics let this all-aluminum drum truck roll on rough surfaces.

4-Wheel Drum Truck 4-Wheel Drum Truck (1)

Extra-stable, 4-wheel design and double-welded steel pipe frame make this drum truck ideal for harsh environments.

Steel Drum Truck Steel Drum Truck (1)

Load and unload steel drums up to 1,000 lb. with this durable steel drum truck.

Poly Drum Truck Poly Drum Truck (1)

Designed with specially-formed nose pads to help you safely transport poly drums and overpacks without damage.

Economy Drum Truck Economy Drum Truck (1)

Double-welded, budget friendly design is ideal for facilities where drum handling is only occasional.

Lo-Profile Drum Caddy Lo-Profile Drum Caddy (1)

Lets you maneuver a drum only 1/2" off your floor without having to tilt or balance it.

Tap Trapper Drum Cradle Tap Trapper Drum Cradle (2)

Wide-stance design lets you easily position a drum over a containment sump without lifting or remounting the drum.

Drum Pallet Rack & Add-On Drum Pallet Rack & Add-On (2)

High-capacity drum rack doubles as pallet rack so you can make the most of your floor space.

PIG Poly Rack Stacker Unit PIG Poly Rack Stacker Unit (7)

Space-saving storage and dispensing system offers sump protection in addition to catching dispensing leaks and spills.

Dolly for PIG Drum Spill Tray Dolly for PIG Drum Spill Tray (1)

Made especially for use with our PIG Drum Spill Tray, this drum dolly makes it easy to move leaking drums without a forklift.

Stackable Rack Stackable Rack (2)

Conserve valuable floor space with a welded, bolted rack that lets you safely store drums up to four levels high.

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