PIG Overpack Salvage Drum

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Making Sense of UN Numbers on Containers

Choosing the right hazardous waste container begins with knowing the UN number.

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PIG® Overpack Salvage Drum (PAK725)

95-gallon capacity is perfect for shipping leaking or punctured 55-gallon drums. A great size to keep on hand for spill emergencies.

Our tough UN Rated overpack is built to withstand rough handling. Guaranteed.

  • X-rated for Packing Groups I, II and III, ideal for shipping hazardous waste by land, sea or rail
  • Sizes available from 5- to 110-gallons so you don't overspend on a container or shipping
  • Integrated ledges let you move overpack with a forklift; smaller units have handles
PIG Overpack Salvage Drum

PIG Overpack Salvage Drum (7)

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