Careers at New Pig

New Pig is redefining what a clean, safe and sustainable workplace can be. Leading an industry takes true devotion to the mission and an uncommon approach to work. Here’s how we get things done at New Pig.

Hiring smart people with great attitudes

Our hiring process is a bit on the lengthy side. We do lots of interviews, panel or tandem style, and take the time to really get to know potential employees and the milestones that shaped their development. This has been crucial to hiring outstanding candidates who are — most importantly — a great fit for our fun, casual, hardworking culture. It goes both ways, too. Candidates have the time to see firsthand that our exceptional work environment is the real deal, not just some words on a page.


It’s all about getting the knowledge we need to move forward and grow. That means seminars, webinars, continuing education, certifications, advanced degrees or even self-directed study. Our people are all about innovation and best practices.

Interesting, meaningful work

Once you’re hired at New Pig, you will hear the phrase “interesting, meaningful work” A LOT. It’s a litmus test to gauge employee happiness and satisfaction. If an employee feels his or her work no longer fits this description, it’s time to talk with a supervisor and develop a plan to get things back on track.

An entrepreneurial spirit

Maybe it’s finding a better way to do your job. Maybe it’s updating a process. Maybe it’s starting an entirely new line of business. If your idea is a good one, the leadership at New Pig not only wants to hear about it, they want you to run with it. And they give you the time and the resources to see your ideas through.

Embracing change

Our emphasis on learning and growth and best practices and innovation means that there will always be newer and better ways to do things. Change may require us to work differently or take on new responsibilities. We call this “flowing to the work.” This approach gives you the opportunity to try something new. It empowers you to take on challenges. It pushes you to learn as you go and do important work that makes a difference.


Whether we’re cooking, eating or tackling cleanup duty, we go all out for our weekly Piggers Pay It Forward lunchtime fundraisers, which provide financial assistance to employees in times of crisis. Employees company-wide also support our corporate charity, The Giorgio Foundation, by recycling aluminum cans, holding fundraisers and collecting donations each year during the holiday season. Because cleaning up messes is our mission, whether on the plant floor or in the great outdoors, we also award three Pig Difference grants each year to conservation groups who are getting their hands dirty on projects in their communities.