Do you need Pig Blue Mat or Pig Gray Mat?

Editor’s note: Welcome to the fourth post in our series on Absorbent Training. We hope you find the series to be helpful in explaining the basics of absorbents.

We’ve been talking about different types of absorbent mats and how to choose the right one for your application. But in situations where you need extreme absorbency, a different kind of mat may work better. That’s why we created Pig Blue Mat. So let’s take a look at the difference between PIG Universal Mat and Pig Blue Mat and where to use each one.

PIG Universal Mat (Gray)

PIG Universal Mat is the gold standard in absorbent mats — tackling tough leak and spill jobs in the most demanding environments since the 1980s. People trust it because soaks up just about anything, makes fast work of cleaning up spills and stays on the job long after other mats have gone into the incinerator.

PIG Mat construction — eight layers of thermally bonded, 100% polypropylene — means it won’t rip, tear or fray even when it’s completely saturated.

Use PIG Mat where you need durability as well as absorbency — next to leaky machines, near aisles and walkways where overspray is a problem, on top of workbenches and under parts. It’s great for maintenance teardowns, repairs and rebuilds.

Pig Blue Mat

Pig Blue is built for absorbency. In fact, it’s the most absorbent mat we make — a single heavyweight pad will soak up a whopping 43 ounces! How does Pig Blue do that? It’s the construction: we fuse superabsorbent natural fibers with strong synthetic fibers to create outstanding performance for big spills and high-volume leaks.

Pig Blue Mat will give you more “suck per buck” for your leakiest machines and drippiest hoses. Since it’s twice as absorbent as a standard mat, it’s great for maintenance applications in spots where frequent change-outs are a hassle or where the volume of liquid is too much for a regular absorbent. It’s a good choice for messy fluid changes or for catching overspray in areas where foot traffic isn’t a concern. Pig Blue soaks up oils, coolants, solvents and water, but we don’t recommend it for corrosives.

Both Mats

No matter which mat you choose, they both soak up spills fast and hold on to them tight. They’re both available in pads or rolls and are excellent choices for incineration or fuels blending.

The chart below shows how the two mats compare:

PIG Mat Comparison Chart

*NOTE: Absorbents take on the characteristics of the liquids they absorb. Absorbing a flammable liquid will not render it nonflammable. Treat saturated absorbents with the same storage, handling and safety precautions as you would use with the liquids that has been absorbed.