Increase accessibility to Add-A-Level™ work platform

After you’ve selected your Add-A-Level™ base, stacker(s) & matting, add Ramps and/or Corners for additional customization.

Ramps & Corners:

  • Are highly visible and feature anti-slip tape
  • Create an easy transition from the floor to the platform
  • Minimize trip hazards at employee workstations
  • Allow for additional configurations

To install Add-A-Level™ Ramps and/or Corners use 2 Connector Clips (sold separately) to connect your Ramp or Corner to the rest of your work platform.

Additional instructions on Ramps & Corners can be found here: Assembly Instructions

Add-A-Level™ Raised Work Platform

Add-A-Level Raised Work Platform. Customize your workspace one step at a time

Provide ergonomic and customizable work solutions with the Add-A-Level™ Raised Work Platform system. The lightweight, modular and stackable platforms are designed for easy assembly without the need for tools.

Start by customizing your workspace with a base unit, which can be horizontally expanded using connector clips (sold separately). For vertical expansion, simply add stacker units to reach the desired height. To ensure comfort for workers, matting is also available as a final layer. The maximum weight capacity is 250 lbs. per 30” work area. Here are some more in-depth instructions to help you assemble your unit: Add-A-Level Instructions.

For enhanced accessibility, ramps and corners are available as accessories. Additional instructions can be found here: Ramp & Corner Instructions. Each component, including bases, stackers and matting, comes with the necessary pieces to securely connect the Add-A-Level system. Explore the range of products below and start building the right configuration for your unique needs.

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