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4 Steps to Choose the Right Flammable Safety Cabinet

Here's how to choose the right Grippy Adhesive-Backed Mat for your application.

Grippy Absorbent Mat

Where: oily areas around machines and workstations.
What: capture overspray and drips and trap oil, grease and grime.
Absorbs: oils, coolants, solvents and water.
Durability: moderate foot and light-wheeled traffic up to 4 weeks.

Grippy Floor Mat

Where: entrances, walkways and other high-traffic areas.
What: trap dust, dirt and salt and absorb water.
Absorbs: water, grease and oils.
Durability: heavy foot and cart traffic up to 12 weeks.

Grippy Surgical Mat

Where: hospital O.R.s and surgical centers.
What: capture body fluids and hospital liquids.
Absorbs: blood, saline, water and other hospital fluids.
Durability: withstands limited movement during procedures; single use.

Adhesive-Backed Mats

Ready for a whole new way to stop slips and trips caused by mats that slide and shift? We developed the world’s first adhesive-backed mats that stick and stay put so you can finally stop messing with tapes, trays and no-good rubber-backed rugs. PIG Grippy Floor Mat is incredibly durable and easy to clean for high-traffic entrances, aisles and walkways. PIG Grippy Absorbent Mat sucks up oils and grease to control grime around workstations and machinery. And we’re even in the O.R. —specially formulated Grippy Surgical Mat won’t budge while it soaks up fluids to keep floors safe.

Slips, trips and falls are the number two cause of injuries in the U.S., accounting for 40% of workers-comp and liability claims and totalling $70 billion per year. Our anti-slip adhesive-backed mats can greatly reduce your slip-and-trip hazards to help control your floor safety. New Pig Grippy Mats stick right to your floor without the need for messy tapes or bulky trays. Our proprietary adhesive backing holds tight but peels up easily to stop the mats from shifting or creeping. Use PIG Grippy Floor Mats in entrances, PIG Grippy Absorbent Mats near machinery, and PIG Grippy Surgical Mats in the O.R.