AEROSOLV® Plus Can Puncturing System with Counter

Aerosol Can Recycler, For 5" H to 9.5" H Cans, 1 each
Puncture your aerosol cans for easy, legal recycling to avoid the hassle and expense of hazardous waste handling.   Read More 

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Puncture your aerosol cans for easy, legal recycling to avoid the hassle and expense of hazardous waste handling.
  • Recycling system easily punctures aerosol cans, rendering them exempt from hazardous waste regulations when properly emptied
  • Eliminates the risks associated with illegal aerosol disposal and the expense of haz waste handling
  • Minimizes worker injuries caused by fire, explosion or VOC release from improperly emptied or unemptied cans
  • Two-piece coalescing filter/carbon cartridge captures odors and potentially harmful VOCs released by punctured aerosol cans
  • PTFE disk on compression spring valve opens when can is inserted, closes when can is removed; minimizes vapors escaping through bung
  • Colorimetric indicator means no-guess cartridge and filter changeouts
  • Counter gives you the ability to track the number of cans processed to help ensure a good maintenance schedule
  • Coalescing filter life is 6 months; carbon cartridge life is 3 months
  • Angled carbide pin punctures cans cleanly without leaving jagged edges
  • System works with domed mini, standard and jumbo aerosol cans
  • Unit mounts directly into 2" bung on a 30- or 55-gallon drum; residual liquids drain directly into drum
  • Included ground wire helps prevent static electricity buildup
  • Entire unit is PTFE coated for easy cleaning


Style Aerosol Can Recycler
Use With 5" H to 9.5" H Cans
Color Black/White
Brand Justrite AEROSOLV
Lockable Yes
Vapor Minimization Disk Comes with Vapor Minimization Disk
Sold as 1 each
Weight 10.19 lbs.
# per Pallet 40
Composition Body - Aircraft Aluminum
All Moving Parts - 308 Stainless Steel
Body Coating, Shut Off Disc - PTFE
Puncture Pin - Nonsparking Carbide Tipped
Gasket - Neoprene
Sleeve - Polyethylene
Filter - Activated Carbon
Coating PTFE Coating

1 - Counter for AEROSOLV® Can Puncturing System

1 - Goggles

1 - Padlock w/ Key

1 - Deluxe Can Puncturing Unit

1 - Plastic Sleeve

1 - Grounding Wire

1 - Colorimetric Indicator Replacement Cartridge (DRM667)

UNSPSC 76121502

Accessories for DRM1144


Based on 2 reviews

By Nicole


Can punchuring System

This product would be better if it didn't spray the paint all over the place during the operation. That is my only issue about this product. Needs beeter containment.

By Scott


A Complete Package

Except for the drum, all components are here to begin an aerosol can puncturing system. The filter is two segment system so one is able to purchase the filtration segment, which saves money.

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