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Barrier Corner

For Build-A-Berm Barrier, 2 each
Build a permanent barrier around your machinery or storage areas with our crush-resistant spill berms.   Read More 

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Build a permanent barrier around your machinery or storage areas with our crush-resistant spill berms.
  • Barriers can be constructed into a semi-permanent, high-visibility barrier that's exactly the size and shape you need - indoors or out
  • Pliable open-cell foam barrier springs back into shape after you walk or roll over it with light, wheeled equipment
  • Durable, 18-oz. all-vinyl covering resists oils, coolants and most chemicals
  • Cut to length with utility knife; for best installation results, secure to a smooth, sealed surface with sealant and join seams with vinyl cement
  • Contain leaks and spills around your machinery without building expensive concrete curbs or cutting and installing angle iron
  • High-visibility yellow color draws attention to barrier for increased safety
  • Easy removal requires only a flat-bladed shovel
  • Great for use around battery charging stations, machinery or any other leak-prone areas
  • Join two 6"-high Build-A-Berm sections at a 90-degree angle


Use With Build-A-Berm Barrier
Color Yellow
Dimensions 9" W x 10.5" L x 6" H
Temperature Limit Works from -22°F to 160°F
Sold as 2 per box
Weight 3 lbs.
New Pig Patent 5,820,297
# per Pallet 42
Composition Cover - 18 oz. Vinyl-Coated Fabric
Core - Open-Cell Polyurethane Foam
UNSPSC 24101907
Pigalog® Page Number Page 181

Accessories for PLR277


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By Forest


Corner bariers

The corner barriers make it very easy to berm a perimeter around a personnel doorway. The entrances to the sleeve for a tight fit were excellent. There is just enough play to roll the sleeve back when approximating the length of the straight return portion. An easy install.

Additional Information

  • Chemical Compatibility for PIG Build-A-Berm® Barrier
  • Instructions for Using PIG® Build-A-Berm® Barrier
  • White paper – Should I be Worried about SPCC? 8 Things you need to know.
  • 40 CFR 112.7
    SPCC planning requirements state that facilities subject to these regulations must have written plans in place discussing the products, countermeasures and procedures that are in place, or will be taken by the facility to prevent discharge of oil into waters of the United States.
  • 40 CFR 122.26
    When applying for a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit, facilities must have a plan in place that describes actions, procedures, control techniques, management practices and equipment available to prevent illegal discharge of pollutants into waterways.
  • 40 CFR 264.175
    Hazardous waste containment systems must be free of structural cracks or gaps, be designed to keep spilled liquids from remaining in contact with the container, prevent run-on and "have sufficient capacity to contain 10% of the volume of the containers, or the volume of the largest container, whichever is greater."
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