Cover that drain or start writing checks

Your risk of polluting a stream, river or lake is as close as the nearest storm drain. Spills escape through the drain to the groundwater and waterways. Hello, hefty fines.

The easiest, most cost-effective solution is to cover and seal the drain with a drain cover. Consider three points when choosing.

Ease of Deployment

The best drain cover will be tight-sealing and easy to use, whether it's for emergencies or left down for extended periods.

Ruggedness and Reusability

Only PIG DrainBlocker Drain Covers with DuPont Elvaloy have a specially formulated, two-layer design that makes them UV- and chemical-resistant, long-lasting, tight-sealing and extra strong to prevent tearing. Use indoors or out, with foot or light cart traffic. They can be removed, cleaned and stored for reuse.

Traffic Applications

For traffic from light vehicles to tankers, the tight-sealing PIG Drive-Over DrainBlocker is ideal. It's puncture- , UV- and chemical-resistant. It can also be removed, cleaned and stored for reuse.

For more information, go to Cover that Drain.

Best-Selling Stormwater & Drain Protection

Best-selling, PIG-proven drain protection solutions.

Keeping oil and contaminants out of your drains should be at the top of your to-do list for meeting SPCC and Stormwater regulations. Not sure which drain protection products you need? We’ve gathered our best-selling solutions all in one place to help you narrow down your decision. Browse our spill dikes, drain covers, containment curb berms, water-bag barriers, water control diking products and more below!


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PIG® Frameless Storm Drain Filter

  • For Fuels; Oil; Sediment; Debris
  • For Storm Drains 20" to 30" W & 20" to 36" L; Round Drains 20" to 30" Dia.
  • Trim to Fit


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PIG® Adjustable Frame Storm Drain Filter

  • For Oil; Sediment; Debris
  • For Storm Drains 20" to 31" W & 20" to 31" L
  • Stainless Steel Adjustable Frame

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