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Drain Protection & Stormwater Management

Use PIG products to prevent unwanted, potentially harmful liquids from going down drains and polluting waterways.

Facing a sudden spill, steady leak, or storm runoff picking up oils, pollutants, heavy metals, sediment and debris? These all could end badly: down a storm drain or straight into a waterway, with EPA fines for noncompliance with SPCC and Stormwater regs. Instead, use PIG products like storm drain covers, SpillBlockers, DrainBlockers, drain plugs, berms, dikes and barriers. Capture pollutants with catch basin filters like PIG Drain Insert Plus, FilterSoxx with MetaLoxx. To filter large quantities of sediment and oily sheen during dewatering operations and lower-volume pump-outs, use the Pipe Sock or Dewatering Bag. Flood waters threatening? Control them with Quick Dam Flood Barriers and channel roof leaks with Leak Diverters. Add PIG to your stormwater BMP to safeguard our waterways — and your checkbook.

If you don’t protect your drains, you could get smacked in the face with an EPA fine. New Pig makes the toughest, tightest-sealing products to keep contaminants out of your water system. Need to comply with SPCC and Stormwater Regs? You’ve come to the right place.

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