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Is ER traffic causing a storm drain crisis?

Ambulances drip oil and fluids and sometimes sprout fuel leaks. And one way or another, it all finds its way to a storm drain. You can’t stop traffic, but you can control what it leaves behind. Use drain inserts to filter oily rainwater. Place oil spill kits where they’re easy to reach. Keep a drain cover on hand to seal out spills. We’ve assessed over 50 hospitals and hand-picked the products below because they’re the most effective solutions for reducing spill risks in this area. PIG is the #1 trusted brand worldwide and every one of our proven products is guaranteed to work. If this selection doesn’t fit your situation, see our full lines of spill kits, drain covers, absorbents and containment products.

5 incredibly reliable products
  • Absorbs up to 52 gal.
  • Absorbs Oils, Fuels, Other Oil-Based Liquids Only

$744.00 - $826.00

  • Absorbs up to 63 gal.
  • Absorbs Acids; Bases; Unknowns

$1,003.00 - $1,168.00

  • Ideal For Heavy Outdoor Vehicle Traffic
  • For Rectangular Drains Up to 54" x 30"

$897.00 - $939.00

  • For Oil; Sediment; Trash; Debris
  • For Storm Drains 24" to 37" W & 35" to 49" L
  • Stainless Steel Adjustable Frame

$95.00 - $105.00

  • For Beginner; Intermediate
  • 60 Minutes
  • Online (Login details emailed to you within 24 hours)

$39.00 - $59.00