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EPA's SPCC: Active vs. Passive Containment for Oil Spill Prevention

If you have large quantities (1,320 gal. aboveground or 42,000 gal. underground) of oils, fuels or other oil-based fluids at your facility, Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasures (SPCC) may apply to you. Active and Passive methods are essential for compliance with SPCC general secondary containment requirements…but what is Active vs. Passive Containment? In short, Active Containment requires a person to take action to put the containment device in place; Passive Containment is something you put into place to contain spills before they happen – and doesn’t require active involvement from a person. The EPA allows facilities to choose the forms of active and/or passive containment that they will use to prevent discharges from entering the environment. Click below to learn more about Active vs. Passive Containment and shop products that can help you comply!

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