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Extreme-Temperature Gloves

Do you work where the temperature is blistering or where frost bite is a worry? Our extreme-temperature gloves are field-proven to protect your hands in all temperatures. The MAPA Temp-Dex Plus 720 Heat-Resistant Gloves let you handle hot, sharp and oily parts with confidence and dexterity. If hot pipes and parts are in your job, MAPA Temp-Dex710 Heat-Resistant Gloves will let you work safely without sacrificing comfort or nimbleness. Workday spent in the cold? Water-repellent Memphis Ninja Ice Coated Gloves will keep your hands warm and dry, as will the insulated cold-weather Max 5.0 Sport Utility Gloves.

3 incredibly reliable products
  • Lining Nylon
  • Coating Nitrile
  • 10 pair

$48.00 - $52.00

  • Lining Acrylic Fiber
  • Coating PVC
  • 12 pair

$96.00 - $101.00

  • Lining Acrylic Fiber
  • Coating Nitrile
  • 1 pair

$17.00 - $18.00

Extreme temperatures require specialized gloves, and we carry the best of the best. Whether you need gloves that are super-insulated yet breathable for cold weather; waterproof without sacrificing dexterity; heat-resistant with superior grip; or abrasion-resistant with thermal insulation to protect hands from handling hot objects — we have them. Jobs that require extreme temperature gloves are maintenance, plastic molding, welding, food handling, construction, cold storage, utilities, agriculture, machinery and laboratories. Trust your hands to PIG!

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