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4 Steps to Choose the Right Flammable Safety Cabinet

Flammable liquids can wreak some serious havoc - so there are a lot of regs to follow when it comes to storing them. The safest way is in an approved container inside a flammable safety cabinet. Here's how to choose the right one:

Step 1: Determine where the cabinet will be used.

Outdoor storage buildings work well for bulk storage of flammables, but a storage cabinet can help you keep smaller amounts right where you use them.

Step 2: Make sure it meets OSHA and NFPA 30 construction and design requirements.

Independent third-party certification like Factory Mutual Global (FM) or Underwriters Laboratory (UL) also ensures that the cabinet has passed rigorous testing.

Step 3: Determine the class or category your liquids fall into.

Check the SDS for the flash and boiling points of your liquids so you're only storing compatible liquids together. OSHA allows for the storage of 60 gallons of Class I & II (Category 1, 2, 3) or 120 gallons of Class III (Category 4) Liquids to be stored in a single cabinet.

Step 4: Check local requirements.

Find out if you're required to have a cabinet with self-closing doors or if manual doors will do. You'll also need to contact your local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) about the placement of your cabinets and how many they'll allow in a specific location.

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Flammable Storage Cabinets

Confused by which flammable storage cabinet to choose? All of our flammable liquids storage cabinets are FM Approved for the storage of flammables. Class-leading PIG Flammable Storage Cabinets are grouped into three types designed to conveniently fit your space. Free-Standing Cabinets can be placed anywhere and come in many different sizes and door models. Undercounter Cabinets are low-profile to use the space underneath counters and workbenches. Countertop Cabinets sit on top of your counter or benchtop and enable you to keep small containers right at your fingertips. No matter which flammable locker style you choose, you'll be getting the same top-level fire proof cabinet features present in every single PIG Flammable Safety Cabinet.

Whether you choose a PIG Free-Standing, Undercounter or Countertop Cabinet, no other brand is stronger or has better features — thick, 14-gauge door faces, heavy-duty, self-lubricating hinges and MIG-welded, full-width shelf supports are built for a lifetime of continuous use. PIG Flammable Storage Cabinets are FM Approved and meet NFPA and OSHA specs. Models with self-closing doors meet UFC standards. Buy a PIG Flammable Safety Cabinet once and use it forever with our Lifetime Warranty. Justrite cabinets offer additional storage for corrosives, combustibles and more.

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