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Flashlights & Lighting

In the event of an emergency, you need to be prepared with lighting that stands up to hazardous situations. Work safely during power outages with a Knucklehead utility work light with a 20-day runtime, or illuminate massive areas with an LED Scene Light. A powerful portable light, flashlight or lantern can be a lifesaver for evacuations or when navigating dark areas during emergencies.

7 incredibly reliable products
  • LED
  • 90 Lumens

$36.00 - $38.00

  • LED
  • 100 Lumens

$68.00 - $72.00

  • LED
  • 350 Lumens

$223.00 - $236.00

  • LED
  • 200 Lumens

$144.00 - $154.00

  • LED
  • 550 Lumens

$107.00 - $113.00

  • LED
  • 50 Lumens

$74.00 - $77.00

  • LED
  • 5300 Lumens

$1,041.00 - $1,100.00


Let's shine some light on the subject of lighting: You need it to work safely! When the power goes off or you're in a dark, possibly dangerous situation, you want a flashlight or lantern that's handy and reliable. We have 'em, from tiny penlights to powerful spotlights. Equip your workers, and you'll never have to worry about them being in the dark.

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