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Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Drums

Man wearing a hard hat putting long, skinny lights into a  fluorescent lamp recycling drum

If you’re a medium to large generator of fluorescent bulb waste, a Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Drum is the easiest, safest way to store your spent lamps until they’re hauled away for recycling. Because our Fluorescent Bulb Storage Container drums minimize breakage, you don’t have to worry about mercury releases into the environment – which can be a major violation of EPA regs around Universal Waste. The drums in this collection are built for bulk quantities of T8 or T10 lightbulbs (DRM1149 holds up to 350 bulbs)!

3 incredibly reliable products
  • Holds up to 150 T8, 90 T10 or 85 T12 Bulbs
  • Used Bulb Storage Container
  • 14.6" x 49"

$75.00 - $77.00

  • Holds up to 350 T8, 220 T10 or 190 T12 Bulbs
  • Used Bulb Storage Container
  • 23" x 49"

$82.00 - $84.00

  • Holds up to 150 T8, 90 T10 or 85 T12 Bulbs
  • Used Bulb Storage Container
  • 15.25" x 96"

$74.00 - $76.00

Keep your fluorescent lamp recycling program humming with these fiber drums designed specifically for fluorescent light bulbs. Store spent tubes in these sturdy, lightweight fiber drums. It's the cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to properly dispose of your T8 and T10 light bulbs. Sturdy kraft construction with attached bottom minimizes breakage. Multiple sizes available for any operation.

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