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Grippy Mat Starter Pack

Starter Pack includes: 36" x 25' Grippy Mat Roll, Safety Cutting Knife and Installation Tool.

Make the switch to the Mat that sticks
Rental Rugs. Crappy. Dangerous.PIG Grippy Floor Mat. Safe. Attractive.Contact Us

Save $43 on the Grippy Mat Starter Pack

Was $129 Now $86!

Starter Pack includes: 36" x 25' Grippy Mat Roll, Safety Cutting Knife and Installation Tool.

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7 Ways Grippy Mat Beats Rugs

Here's how we fixed everything you hate about rental mats.

Rental Mats Grippy Mat

Lays flat and stays flat so you never worry about people tripping.


Stays put no matter what so you don't waste time adjusting it.


No gaps or overlays, just roll out the perfect length and cut to size.


Wicks moisture and dries fast to stop it from being tracked around.


Retains high traction and lasts up to three months between changeouts.


Clean it right along with your floors, using a vacuum, mop or scrubber.


Costs 50% less than rentals, reduces labor expenses and liability claims.


Now you can ditch your crappy rental mats and switch to the most advanced floor mat ever made — PIG Grippy Mat!

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Stuck in a Rental Rug Rut?
Now You Have a Choice: PIG Grippy Mat

Rental mats are a pain in the you-know-what because no matter how you position them you've got poor floor coverage.
Finally, you can stop hassling with mats that shift, ripple and flip over — just stick down Grippy Mat and start enjoying safer floors.


Grippy Mat Users Give It A Big Thumbs Up

8 Reviews



— Kimberly

Best Find EVER

“Love this stuff - no more taping down tacky mats and a dramatically reduced number of falls. Not only does it save money but it saves time as well. Solid product being used for several different applications. If stock options were available in this Company I would be wallowing (my attempt at pig humor) in them!!! The new tan color is perfect for our use! Thanks New Pig”


— nicholas

Grippy Mat

“Our company used to spend anywhere from $10K-$15K per year per location on commercial rugs from a linen company. I was told about the New Pig Grippy absorbent mats and we haven't looked back. We change the mats each quarter unless they get unusually dirty but we now spend about $1,500 annually per location. The initial cost savings for us one just one benefit, we have not had one injury related to the new grippy mats. The old rugs would bunch up and customers and employees would trip and fall. The New Pig mats completely eliminated this issue. It was a win win and I would highly recommend this product to anyone.”


— Eric

we are diggin' the Pig

“we have been using the pig mats in our stores for several months. They are AMAZING!. They hold up really well. we have not had a single trip hazard. having them at the front entrances during rainy days have really improved the floor conditions by drying feet & carts as they enter. leaving no more water drips on the floors.”


— Luke

Amazing Mats!

“If you are needing something that won't move around on you and you can avoid the hassle of taping it down all while absorbing up water then you have found the right mat. I got tired of trying to tape down carpet and other mats to meet my needs and then I discovered this. I work for a church that sets up a pool in our building for baptism and we needed something we could easily stick down in our bathrooms that was also easily disposable. It easily rolls out and sticks to the floors and will have hundreds of people walk on it and it won't budge. It is able to contain all the water that drips off of people as they are drying and changing clothes.”


— Keith

Pig Mat!

“We have been testing the pig mat in three select stores for the last 90 days now. We have the Pig Mat placed in produce, ice machine, pop fountain machine, entry to stores and floral. We have been very impressed with how the Pig Mat has held up and looks after almost three months. Great Product!”


— Ed


“We were getting tired of rugs from the shop to the office. I got a sample of the No-Trip, and was quite impressed. The friction as I walked across it cleans better than the old (expensive) mats. Just vacuum regularly and forget having a service replace them. The sample is still there after two months. REALLY cut the expenses for rugs, , not to mention the reduced trip hazard!”


— Darren

PIG® Grippy Floor Mat

“We ordered this mat to go in our team room along the edges. it has been very durable and it stays in place. It is easy to cut and work with. It doesnt bunch up or ripple. Very nice and durable.”


— matt

Pig Mats

“Pig Mats really hold up well, stay adhered to the floor well. Good absorption. Overall, a great product.”

Create Safe Floors Anywhere With PIG Grippy Mat

Grippy Mat works with most commercial floor surfaces to let you create perfect coverage in any size or shape, anywhere you
need it. Roll out the ideal walk-off length with no gaps or overlaps in lobbies and entrances, along produce wet walls, and in
transition areas. Easily cut custom shapes and sizes to fit any space: in front of ice coolers and counters, under floral displays,
or to catch leaks and drips in storage and dispensing areas. The possibilities are endless!

Grippy Floor Mat in LobbyGrippy Floor Mat EntranceGrippy Floor Mat in ProduceGrippy Floor Mat in WalkwayGrippy Floor Mat for FreezerGrippy Floor Mat at CounterGrippy Floor Mat Grocery StoreGrippy Floor Mat Industrial

6 Grippy Mat Features You Won't Get With Rental Mats

It Sticks

It Sticks

Our proprietary P53 Adhesive has the ideal balance of stick and release that keeps Grippy Mat securely in place, but pulls up easily when it's time to change it.

Continuous Floor Coverage

Continuous Floor Coverage

PIG Grippy Mat on our EZCut Roll lets you create perfect, continuous coverage in any size or shape, anywhere you need it, even around displays, floor drains or pillars.

Absorbent and Fast-Drying

Absorbent and Fast-Drying

EFM Absorbent Technology creates super-efficient absorbency in a super-thin material. Powerful wicking action spreads moisture evenly so the mat dries out quickly.

Indestructible High-Traction Top

Indestructible High-Traction Top

Grippy Mat's Hi-Trac Surface is certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) to help reduce slip-and-fall claims by up to 90%, even in extreme foot or wheeled traffic.

Easy to Clean

Easy to Clean

PIG Grippy Floor Mat stays in place to work seamlessly with your floor cleaning system. Keep it fresh between changes with a broom, mop, vacuum cleaner or floor scrubber.

Saves Time and Money

Saves Time and Money

Grippy Mat saves at least 50% over rental mats and eliminates wasted time and hidden costs while reducing slips, trips and falls that trigger workers' comp and liability claims.


PIG Grippy Floor Mat is recognized for safety and innovation.

Grippy Mat Awards


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New Pig Customers
New Pig Customers


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