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PIG Grippy Mat Adhesive-Backed Floor Mats - New Pig

Get installation and cleaning instructions in the GRIPPY MAT RESOURCE CENTER.


Slips and Trips

NO SIZE FITS ALL: How to Build an Entrance Mat Program

First impressions are important, but you also need to think about the potential safety liabilities at your entrance. Join us as two facility experts from New Pig show us how to determine the amount of entrance matting needed to minimize slips and falls.

Available on Demand. Click Here to Watch the Webinar!

The only adhesive-backed mats made with P53® Adhesive.


Grippy Mat’s durable and absorbent Hi-Trac® Surface withstands extreme foot or wheeled traffic for up to 3 months. Our exclusive P53® Adhesive keeps it in place — with no shifting or rippling — but pulls up easily when it’s time to change the mat.

A. Our exclusive P53 Adhesive Backing
keeps the mat in place, pulls up easily without leaving residue, and will never disintegrate or delaminate in wet conditions

B. Impermeable bottom layer
stops absorbed liquids from leaking through to the floor

C. Tough, absorbent top
captures water and dirt, stands up to heavy traffic and can be cleaned with a vacuum, broom, mop, wet vac, floor scrubber or carpet extractor



Cuts into any size or shape for custom coverage that stays put for up to 3 months.



Creates ample walk-off with no gaps or overlaps to trap dirt and moisture at entrances.



Streamlines maintenance by allowing you to clean the floor with mats in place.



Eliminates wasted time and labor; minimizes workers' comp and liability incidents.

You can create mats in any size or shape.


Configure custom paths inside entrances that follow diverging traffic patterns.


Cut into custom shapes that fit irregular spaces like drink stations or displays.


Roll out custom walk-offs to trap dirt and moisture and keep it from being tracked in.


Keep floors clean in transitions between work spaces and offices or other customer-facing areas.

Grippy Mat keeps floors safe everywhere:

Entrances • Walkways • Service Counters • Drink Stations • Work Areas • Ramps • Produce Wet Walls • Warehouse Aisles • Self-Serve Food Bars • Transition Areas • Kitchens • Floral Displays • Water Fountains • Liquid Storage • Break Rooms • Loading Dock Entrances • Shipping & Receiving Areas • Hallways • Ice Machines • Bulk Liquid Dispensing Areas • Stairwells

Choose the Grippy Mat that's right for you.

starter pack

Try out Grippy Mat with a Starter Pack

Contains everything you need to start creating safe floors. Includes a 3' x 25' Grippy Floor Mat Roll, Safety Cutting Knife and Installation Board.

starter pack

Check out Grippy Floor and Carpeted Entrance Mats

Check out our full line of Grippy Floor and Carpeted Entrance mats for PROVEN solutions that can help you eliminate slips, trips and falls.

starter pack

Print your logo on the mat that sticks

Custom-printed Grippy Floor Mat is the safe floor solution that keeps your brand front and center. Call us for a quote and free proof!


Grippy Mat is also available through a wide variety of distributors.
Call 1-800-328-2464 for the ones near you.

Award-winning Grippy Mat is recognized for innovation and safety.


Grippy Mat users give it a big thumbs up


Grippy Carpeted Mat Customer

SAFE Matting System

I can't express how amazing this product is. It goes down easily and stays down perfectly, creating a SAFE environment. Love the Berber carpeting for our main entrances to ER, Clinic, Cancer Center and Hospital.


Grippy Floor Mat Customer

Best In the Business

We purchased Grippy Floor Mat to assist our commercially laundered entry way floor mats after we had a pretty significant accident this winter. It captures all of the watery mess and we have not had one slip, trip or fall since this product has been put in place.


Grippy Floor Mat Customer


Grippy Adhesive-Backed Floor Mat is the best thing since sliced bread. We use it daily at our production facility and it has improved housekeeping and slip or fall near misses. Great tool for the busy work environment.

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