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Grippy® Entrance Mat

Safe floors never looked so good.

Rubber-backed rugs bunch up, slide around and trip people up. They don't absorb anything and can contribute to slip and fall injuries. Ready to get a grip? Adhesive-backed Grippy Carpeted Entrance Mats stick to the floor and stay put no matter what — they won't slide around, ripple, flip over or trip anyone up. Sticky entrance mats grab and absorb dirt, water and grime from shoes to keep your floors clean, dry and safe. Plus, they look great — and add a high-end, upscale look to entrances, walkways, aisleways or any high-traffic areas.

2 incredibly reliable products
  • Extra Absorbency
  • 1 roll

$112.00 - $314.00


Accessories for Grippy® Entrance Mat

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