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7 Ways to Avoid Hazardous Waste Fines

Don’t let the RCRA inspector ding you for not complying with these seven common hazardous waste rules.

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Grippy Surgical Mats

Tired of tripping over wet blankets on the O.R. floor? Adhesive-backed PIG Grippy Surgical Mat stays exactly where you put it — it’ll never shift, slide, bunch or trip you up. An 8-layer mat roll can absorb and retain up to 90 liters of fluids, like blood, saline and water, so your floors stay dry and safe. Quick turnovers are a breeze with Grippy Surgical Floor Mat — it’s disposable and peels up easily.

2 incredibly reliable products
  • Adhesive Backing; OR/Surgical; Poly-Backed
  • Heavy Foot Traffic
  • (1) 31" x 100' mat per roll

$144.00 - $162.00

  • Adhesive Backing; OR/Surgical; Poly-Backed
  • Heavy Foot Traffic
  • (20) 31" x 40" mat pads

$113.00 - $125.00


Wet hospital blankets on the O.R. floor cause more problems than they solve — they don’t absorb anything and constantly shift around and trip you up. Here’s PIG Grippy Surgical Mat — an absorbent floor mat with an adhesive back that sticks where you put it, but won’t stick to surgical gloves. It’ll never bunch up or trip you up, and carts and mayo stands move over it smoothly. Your floor stays clean, dry and safe during procedures — a roll of Grippy can absorb up to 90 liters of O.R. fluids. And it’s disposable — just peel it up when you’re finished.

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