How the New EPA Wipe Rule Might Affect You

Find Your Facility's Path to Exclusion

It isn't every day that regulations are loosened, but the EPA has done just that with a set of exemptions for the disposal of certain types of solvent saturated wipes, rags and pads. Because this is such an important change, we simplified pages of regs down to a flowchart decision guide to help you quickly understand if your facility might be eligible for the Exclusions, and a 4-Step Blueprint for Compliance to help you understand what you'll need to do to comply.

The Waste Minimization Forum surveyed 461 leading plants in the US and found that few were aware of the rule change and what it meant for their facility.

Why this rule change might be important for your facility: The EPA's estimate of annual SAVINGS per facility from this rule change is $30,489 per large quantity generator (LQG) facility and $4,207 per small quantity generator (SQG) facility.


Keep your wipes eligible for the EPA's new rule by storing them in a drum with a PIG Latching Lid.

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