How to Choose the Right Wiper

Would you wear your best suit to your kid’s ballgame? We didn’t think so. That sharp-looking outfit is for a special occasion — like a wedding or graduation. The same is true about wipers. Treating a PIG Ultra-Duty Wiper like a common paper towel is like wearing a suit to a ballgame — it’s the wrong occasion for this wiper’s super strength and low-lint softness. But on a demanding job, that same ultra-duty wiper is a perfect fit. The thing to remember is that choosing the right wiper for a job is a lot like dressing appropriately — it has to match the situation.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Why would I even need a wiper?” Well, wipers are a great way to clean up. And depending on the wiper, they can be used for anything from rough scrubbing to fine dusting to final polishing. While many wipers are pretty absorbent, wipers aren’t used to soak up large amounts of liquids. For that, you should first use an absorbent mat to soak up the liquid, then a wiper for the final cleanup.

Now you know what wipers do, next we’ll tell you how to choose the right one. Here are a few things to consider when choosing your wiper:

Lint: If you need a wiper for delicate electronics or on printing presses, or you don’t want lint residue left behind, choose a low-lint wiper.

Absorbency: For wiping your hands, or removing light dirt or soil, you don’t need much absorbency. For wiping an oily part, or for a small spill cleanup, you’ll want a lot more.

Wet & Dry Strength: Consider the texture of the surface that you are wiping. Is it coarse or does it have rough edges? Then you need a wiper with lots of strength and durability.

The same rule applies if you’re using wiping up solvents — don’t pick a wiper that will dissolve when exposed to cleaners, degreasers or varnishes.

The Right Fit for Every Job

New Pig developed a Performance Rating system that makes choosing a wiper fast and simple. We rated wipers on a scale from 10 to 100. Higher ratings mean the absorbency and wet and dry strength increase while the amount of lint decreases.

PR 90-100:

Ultra-Duty Wipers: These are the strongest, most durable wipers. One wiper can be used all day and still provide the highest level of abrasion- and solvent-resistant performance. These wipers are an ideal replacement for shop towels, and have low to no lint. Stronger than a t-shirt, an ultra-duty wiper is good for polishing and staining, scrubbing parts and rough surfaces or for applying varnishes.

PR 60-80:

Heavy-Duty Wipers: Heavy-duty wipers have clothlike thickness to handle rough wiping tasks. They have a textured surface, and are great for removing oil and grease, prepping surfaces or removing metal shavings.

PR 30-40:

Medium-Duty Wipers: More economical than higher-rated wipers, these wipers are soft and absorbent for all-around tasks. They are great for wiping your hands or face, soaking up small spills or cleaning small parts and tools.

PR 10-20:

Light-Duty Wipers: The most economical wipers, these are ideal for general cleaning jobs. Use them to wash windows, dry surfaces or clean a smooth surface. They are paper-based and perfect for wiping and tossing.

One Size Does Not Fit All

PIG Wipers come in ¼ fold bundles, pop-up boxes and rolls in each weight to match every job. Use our handy rating system like a sizing chart and you’ll be outfitting your facility with the right wipers in no time.

Ready to choose the right wiper to wipe away the grime in your facility? Get PIG-Approved Disposable Wipers for effective and safe cleanups.

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