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How to use IBCs for storage and meet containment regs

Give Your IBC a Lift!

You bought an intermediate bulk container (IBC) for hazardous waste storage. You know regs require you to have secondary containment for it. So can you just sit it in a large sump? Sorry, no. Those same regs say you have to elevate the primary container or otherwise protect it from leaking, accumulating liquid. It can't just sit in its own waste. Now what?

Poly IBC Spill Containment Pallets to the rescue!

They're durable, chemically resistant, and large-capacity. They lift the totes to a manageable height for dispensing, but keep them free from liquids leaking into the sump area. For secondary containment for flammable liquids, Steel Containment Units are the ticket. Our heavy-duty units can hold two totes, and with Modular IBC Pallets, you can create an expandable system for up to five totes.

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IBC Tote Containment

Use intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) to bulk up your storage and containment capabilities.

Storing haz waste or dangerous liquids in bulk? You need backup: secondary containment that does its job, long-term, without you having to worry or babysit. For IBCs, PIG IBC Containment Units are your backup – and they’re the toughest on the market to help you meet SPCC and IBC tote secondary containment regs (so you know you’re doing right by your facility, your people and the environment). Our poly IBC Spill Pallet resists rust, corrosion and chemicals; for flammables, go with steel IBC Containment units.

17 incredibly reliable products
  • Holds (4) IBCs
  • 62.5" x 281" x 12.5"
  • 365 gal. Sump Capacity


  • Holds (2) IBCs
  • 58" x 58" x 31.6"
  • 363 gal. Sump Capacity

$1,700.00 - $1,790.00


Accessories for IBC Tote Containment

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