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Latching Drum Lids for Flammables

Storing flammable or combustible materials in a steel drum? We've got a lid just for that. The PIG Latching Lid with Fusible Plug turns your 55-gallon steel drum into safe storage for flammables — perfect for solvent-soaked rags, wipers or absorbents like PIG Stat-Mat used with acetone, benzene, gasoline, mineral spirits and more. It's the only latching lid designed specifically for NFPA 30 venting requirements. Plus, all our latching lids open and close with one hand in seconds to help you comply with closed container regs.

1 incredibly reliable product
  • For 55 gal. Steel Drums
  • FM-Approved
  • Bolt-Ring

$367.00 - $387.00


Accessories for Latching Drum Lids for Flammables

The PIG Latching Lid for flammable liquids with Fusible Plugs is custom-built to ensure flammable or combustible materials stay safe in your 55-gallon steel drum. So in addition to being able to easily open and close this latching lid for flammable liquids with one hand, in seconds, it features FM-approved fusible plugs that melt if there's a fire to vent pressure and prevent the drum from bursting. It also features a nitrile gasket and locking mechanism to seal your lid tight and help reduce vapor emissions, to keep you in compliance.

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