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Questions About Closed Container Regs? EPA Can Help.

EPA closed container regulations [40 CFR 262.16(b)(2)(ii) and 40 CFR 262.17(a)(1)(iv)] require your hazardous waste containers to be "kept closed, except when necessary to add or remove hazardous wastes."

EPA's Guidance Document for Closed Containers defines "closed" and outlines liquid and solid hazardous waste storage in two major accumulation areas: central (CAAs) and satellite (SAAs) accumulation areas.

The Guidance Document in a nutshell.

  • In CAAs: you can store your hazardous waste containers until they can be transported for recycling or disposal.
  • In SAAs: you can temporarily store up to 55 gallons total of hazardous waste or one quart of acutely hazardous waste. There are no limits on how many types of waste can be collected as long as all containers are labeled and kept closed.

Latching lids and drum funnels help you comply in SAAs.

  • EPA suggests using latching lids to keep open-head containers of solid and semi-solid hazardous wastes closed and sealed.
  • EPA recommends locking drum funnels that screw tightly into a bung opening to seal closed-head containers of liquid hazardous waste and prevent inhalation, vapor buildup and spills.

Click here for more information on closed container regs

Latching Drum Lids & Funnels

Red latching drum lid on top of a blue 55 gallon drum and a burpless funnel on top of a blue 55 gallon drum

Need help complying with EPA closed-container regs? PIG Latching Drum Lids and Burpless Drum Funnels make compliance as easy as it gets — they open and close with one hand (no more fumbling with nut and bolt rings). Not sure which one you need? It's all about the waste. If you're storing solid waste, you need a Latching Drum Lid; for liquid waste, use a Burpless Funnel. There's a lid or barrel funnel for any drum you've got: from 5 to 85 gallons, and for steel, poly or fiber drums.

Both PIG Locking Drum Lids and PIG Burpless One-Hand Funnels go a long way towards helping you comply with EPA's haz waste regs that say your drum needs to be kept closed — not with loose lids like cardboard or pizza boxes, but with a lid that latches tight so harmful stuff can't escape. And they're both about making access easier — both feature a one-hand latch you can open and close in seconds, so your drum is always safely covered without having to fuss with a nut and bolt ring. Whether you're storing liquid or solid haz waste, these PIG products are built to keep you in compliance.

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