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Latching Drum Lids with Vapor-Control

Struggling to contain harmful vapors in steel drums in your facility? Tossing oil-soaked rags, used oil or solvent containers or lab waste into a 30- or 55-gallon drum and hoping for the best? You could be out of compliance. You need a PIG Vapor Control Latching Drum Lid — it features our exclusive one-hand latch that seals tight, and an additional smaller 5" port to insert waste to prevent emissions from escaping.

2 incredibly reliable products
  • For 55 gal. Steel Drums
  • Vapor Control
  • Bolt-Ring

$511.00 - $541.00

  • For 30 gal. Steel Drums
  • Vapor Control
  • Bolt-Ring

$509.00 - $535.00


Accessories for Latching Drum Lids with Vapor-Control

Dealing with dangerous vapors requires a few tricks to keep you in compliance. A PIG Latching Drum Lid to control vapor can be a huge help: it keeps your drum sealed tight to prevent VOC emissions; it ensures your drum stays closed, no matter what, thanks to the nitrile gasket and locking mechanism; and it helps cut emissions from solvent-contaminated wipes, rags or absorbents with a built-in 5" port for inserting waste without opening the whole lid. Plus it features our one-hand latching handle so you're never fighting with rings and bolts just to add or remove waste from the drum.

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