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Latching Lids for Poly Drums

Storing solid hazardous waste in a plastic drum? You need to keep a lid on it. The first one-hand latching lid for open-head poly drums seals tight to keep your dangerous materials secure and reduce vapor emissions, so you stay in compliance. All PIG Latching Drum Lids for Poly Drums come with a fast-latch ring so installation is super easy on any common 5-, 30- or 55-gallon poly drum.

3 incredibly reliable products
  • For 5 gal. Plastic or Steel Buckets
  • Fast Latch

$245.00 - $255.00

  • For 55 gal. Plastic Drums
  • Fast Latch

$449.00 - $479.00

  • For 30 gal. Plastic Drums
  • Fast Latch

$390.00 - $415.00

Accessories for Latching Lids for Poly Drums

If you're dumping used rags, wipers or absorbents soaked in coolants, waste oil, antifreeze or other waste into your poly barrel — you need to keep it closed. A PIG Latching Drum Lid for a Poly Barrel takes the hassle out of opening and closing your drum every time you need to add or remove something — and keeps you in compliance with EPA regs. All of our latching lids open and close with one hand and seal tight to protect the contents of your drum. Plus, our poly lids all feature a crowned lid, so clutter won’t accumulate on top.

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