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Operate PIG Drum Lids with one hand

No Nuts, No Bolts
?and No Fuss

See how our latching lids make it ?easy to access storage drums with ?no bolt ring hassles.

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Latching Lids for Steel Drums

Latching lids open and close in seconds to keep haz waste and vapors secure for easy reg compliance

Tired of fussing with a nut and bolt ring every time you need to add or remove haz waste from your drum? A steel drum with latching lid totally eliminates that hassle, while helping you meet EPA closed-container regs. All PIG Latching Lids feature a lockable latch, one-handed access and a chemical-resistant powder coat — plus they can help reduce vapor emissions.

All of our lids for 5 to 55 gallon steel drums are designed to make your job easier by taking the annoying nut and bolt ring out of the picture — and making compliance with closed-container regs a no-brainer. PIG Latching Lids feature a nitrile gasket and locking mechanism for a super-tight seal that helps cut vapors and keep your contents secure. Special features include fusible plugs on the only Latching Lid designed to turn your 55-gallon steel drum into a container for flammables; and our Vapor-Control Lid, perfect for oil-soaked rags, used oil or solvent containers and lab waste.

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