Oil & Fuel Absorbents

All Oil. All Fuel. All The Time.

Are the spills you typically deal with oil- and fuel-based? Our Oil-Only Absorbent Mats and Pads absorb oil, diesel, gas and petroleum anywhere (even on water) while repelling water, so you don’t waste absorbency. Static-Dissipative Mats absorb fuel, diesel and gasoline while reducing the risk of electrostatic discharge. For outdoor applications, our Oil-Only Socks and Booms are UV resistant for up to a year and float- perfect for cleanups on water; Use a Quick-Deploy Oil-Only Boom for oil spills on land; and PIG Oily Water Filter Mats, Strips and Towels absorb oil and let clean water through - ideal for cleanups in the rain.

PIG Oil Absorbent and Fuel Absorbent Mats, Pads, Socks, Booms, Pillows and more offer superior performance, long-term. All of our oil-only absorbent products repel water, so you’re not wasting absorbency. Oil-Only Mats, socks and pillows float as they clean up waterborne oil spills and won’t sink even if they’re soaked. They’re also great as a gasoline absorbent or petroleum absorbent. Oil-Only Socks are UV resistant for up to a year, so you can leave them in place in all kinds of environments to soak up only what you want without getting bogged down with water. Use Oil-Only Booms for fuel spills on water and our flat, Quick-Deploy Oil-Only Boom for land-based oil spills. Our Stat-Mat is great for absorbing oils, fuels or solvents in areas with potential electrostatic discharge.

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