Oil-Only UV-Resistant Absorbent Mat

PIG Oil-Only Mat: built for the outdoors. Say you need your oil-absorbent pads to stand up to weather and ultraviolet rays, long-term, without disintegrating into dust from sun exposure. PIG UV-Resistant Mat Pads are exactly what you need. They'll last up to a year in direct sunlight, without ever absorbing a drop of water (only oils and oil-based liquids), so you can leave them in place long-term to absorb leaks and drips. Our UV-Resistant Absorbent Mat is perfect for leaving in place in hard-to-reach outdoor locations where changeouts are harder to do.

2 incredibly reliable products
  • Heavyweight
  • 16" x 20"
  • 100 pads

$118.00 - $146.00

  • Heavyweight
  • 32" x 150'
  • 1 roll

$231.00 - $248.00