Absorb and Protect with PIG Packaging Products

Shipping—especially shipping liquids—takes trust. Once it leaves your facility, you have very little control. That’s why it’s so important to prepare your shipments with proper packaging. From padded absorbents for tiny liquid-filled vials and U.N.-rated 4G boxes, to gaylord-box liners, pallet covers and more, our packaging options remove the fear of free liquids, help you meet regulations and get your shipped items where they’re going: clean, safe and compliant. Browse the reliable packaging solutions below from the brand you know and trust.


PIG® Packaging Absorbent for Pallets

  • Heavyweight
  • 40" W x 150' L
  • 1 roll


PIG® Absorbent Packaging Pouch

  • Heavyweight
  • 9.5" W x 14.5" L
  • 25 pouches per box


Packright™ UN Rated Carton with 1-Gallon Metal Can

  • Storage Capacity 1 gal.
  • 4G/Y7.5/S
  • 1 each


PIG® Anti-Static Zipper Top Packaging Bag

  • Holds 29 oz.
  • For Small Parts, Electronics or Liquid-Filled Bottles
  • 1000 bags per box


PIG® SizeRight™ Packaging Absorbent

  • Heavyweight
  • 8" W x 150' L
  • 1 roll per box


PIG® Absorbent Packaging Bag

  • Heavyweight
  • 4" W x 6" L
  • 50 bags per box


PIG® Zipper Top Packaging Bag

  • Holds 8 oz.
  • For Small Parts or Liquid-Filled Bottles
  • 1000 bags per box

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