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PIG® 4 in 1® Absorbent Mat Roll in Dispenser Box

Mediumweight, 16" x 80', 1 roll
1 absorbent mat - 4 ways to use it. Stock just one absorbent and handle a variety of leaks, drips and spills.   Read More 

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$84.00 $76.00 $69.00
Always in stock. Ships in 24 hours.
Pig Exclusive Recycled Content


1 absorbent mat - 4 ways to use it. Stock just one absorbent and handle a variety of leaks, drips and spills.
  • Exclusive 4 in 1 Mat is a pad, roll, sock and wiper all in one!
  • Use as a pad to catch drips and soak up spills; roll out to cover large areas; fold along score lines to make a thick, absorbent "sock"; tear off a piece to use as a low-lint wiper
  • No matter how you use it, this mat builds on the proven eight-layer, 100% polypropylene construction of PIG Mat, the strongest mat on the market!
  • Scuff-resistant, spunbond outer layer resists wear and tear, even under heavy foot traffic or abrasive conditions
  • Exclusive dimple pattern speeds wicking of liquid throughout mat for faster, easier cleanup
  • Highly absorbent, fine-fiber construction won't leave liquids or fiber residue behind
  • Absorbs most common industrial liquids - oils, water, solvents, coolants and more; absorbs everything, works everywhere; that's why more plants worldwide use PIG Mat than any other brand
  • Absorbed leaks and drips blend right in; dark gray color hides grime so mat stays on the job longer
  • Dispenser box makes mat easy to access, carry and store while protecting contents from dirt and moisture
  • Rolls are perforated every 10"; easy to tear to size, use only what you need
  • Mats take on the properties of absorbed liquids - always take proper precautions when handling saturated absorbents


Traffic Medium Foot Traffic
Static-Dissipative No
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor Use
Floating No
Perforated Pattern 10" x 16" sections
Reusable No
Wringable Yes
Incinerable Yes
Flammability Specifications Flame Resistant - Will melt and self-extinguish
Fluid Absorbed Oils, Coolants, Solvents, Water – Universal
Special Feature Multi-Configurable
Color Gray
Dimensions 16" W x 80' L
Mat Weight Mediumweight
Recycled Content 25% or more Recycled Content
Absorbency Up to 9.2 gal. per box
Absorbency per Up to 9.2 gal. per roll
Brand PIG
Category 4 in 1® Absorbent Mat
Core Diameter 1.5"
Perforated Yes
Sold as 1 roll per box
Weight 10 lbs.
New Pig Patent 5,888,604; 5,597,418
# per Pallet 54
Composition Polypropylene
UNSPSC 47131901
UV Resistant No
Pigalog® Page Number Page 29


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By Paul


Absorbent Pad in Dispenser Box

Very good quality, usable size and dispenser. One very minor suggestion would be to make the box more visible, maybe yellow and the words Absorbent Pads or Spill Pads or whatever in large letters on top and front. We make our own signs to attach to the box because our lab environment is rather busy so it needs to be a little more visible.

By Lisa


Pig 4 in 1 absorbent mat

We have been using Pig Mat 284 for awhile . We have experienced a lot of spillage, be it from oil, coolant or water. It helps our technicians a lot of reducing the time of cleaning their mess.

By Alex



Our technicians are very satisfied using Pig Mat 284. It makes their jobs easy during their preventive maintenance jobs.Most of all it helps them and customer avoid costly long time delay of unit operation when there is an oil or coolant breakdown. The customers save money as well as our company.

By Alex



This Pig Mat is one of the best by far. Our staff uses them on a regular basis and the craftsmanship is indeed top notch. When in need look no further, to prevent any mess this is it.

By Alex



We have been using Pig Mat 284 for more than 10 years . We have experienced a lot of oil and coolant spillage and it helps a lot in doing our technicians jobs in shop and at the jobsites. It helps our technicians a lot of reducing the time of cleaning their mess. We have tried other absorbent products but our technicians kept complaining so we have to stick to Pig products. The customer service is awesome and recommendable.

By Corey


Amazing product

These PIG mats work great. The outer layer on these mats keep the mat from breaking down. We are a machine shop, and we lay out parts on these mats while they dry after a solvent bath. Some of the other mats would break down over time and start to fall apart. But with the added layer, you get a tough work surface with the same absorbent layer underneath.

By Dora


Great customer service

Each time I call I have someone on the other end of the line that is so awesome. I am fairly new to my position and I don’t always know what we have ordered in the past. Your customer service representative always is nice and courteous. They will just look back on My account and let me know what we ordered in the past. And make suggestions for what I may need to order in its place.

By John



We use PigMat everywhere. To clean up spills, catch splashes or cover a work surface prior laying items on it. Nothing is too much for this clean up and the ease of the dispenser to allow just what you need is perfect.

By Dustin


Maintenance Employee

I work at a large company in the maintenance department, and there a few products that are as widely appreciated. Works great on spills and as a preventative maintenance tool. You will find Pig Mats in all of our shops and in spill response areas throughout our plant. Great product!

By Teresa


4 in 1 Absorbent Mats

Work great on spills and come in convenient dispenser.

By Lynette


4 in 1 Absorbent Mat

They work great for spills and or easy to tear apart to select the size needed.

By Jim


Absorbant Mat

Good stuff, easy to dispense. Focus to us in solving the leak problem and not continuing to buy leak absorbants.

By Kyle


Absorbent Mat

The mat is very convenient, works great, and gives a clean look.

By Michael


Great Idea!

These mats in a box have been outstanding. They are easy to use and are extremely portable. They fit almost anywhere and help us keep areas uncluttered and they are easy to store out of the way.

By Melisa



East to roll out, very thick, great for under compactors, or working surfaces.

By Jim


Absorbent MAT 284

Our fleet of lift trucks is aging. At least one vehicle will require weekly and sometimes daily maintenance. The oil and lube and hydraulic fluid leave a mess on the floor and that mess is compounded by the Floor Dry as it gets kicked or scattered around. We thought the Absorbent Mats might be a better alternative and man were we right. We put a few of them down before we start the repairs and they wick all of oils and fluids away before it touches the floor. They are great for bench work as well. Don't know why I waited so long.

By Melisa


Roll Easy

Easy to roll when needed and box fits in small spaces so area looks clean.

By Melisa



Stored nicely in box used for under trash compactors for oil leakage.

By Melisa



Box is easy to store and mat is easy to roll out.

By Darla


Great Product

The 4 in 1 Pig Mat works great for our company. I ordered online and it was delivered very quickly to our company. Will definitely purchase again and again!!

By Mindy


4 in one universal absorbent mat

These mats are the best, easiest to use. I like the handle on the box it makes it easier to handle and deliver across campus. The mats absorb all different kinds of spills. I would recomend these highly.

By Sherry


I am very pleased with the services from New Pig.

just what I was looking for. thanks

By Terry


Very Neat product

The Universal Absorbant Mat is very handy and clean. The only problem is getting people to use it to capacity instaed of grabbing a new piece for every little spill. Ordering and shipping was very fast and easy.

By Rosemarie


PIG® 4 IN 1® Universal Absorbent Mat #MAT284

The box is cleverly designed to grab and go with the item. The absorbents do their job no matter how small or big the spill is. We've been purchasing this product and other New Pig products for years.

Additional Information


Safety Instructions Regarding Flammable Liquids for Flame Resistant Mats

Pig Absorbent Mats are flame resistant in their unused state, but take on the properties of flammable liquids they absorb. Always take proper precautions against potential ignition in handling and disposal of these mats if they have absorbed flammable liquids. For further assistance, please call Technical Services.

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